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Holman KJV Large Print Ultrathin Reference Bible – Review

Holman’s newest KJV Large Print Ultrathin Reference Bible is a no-nonsense Bible that is strong on references and has some of the best paper I’ve seen in a reference Bible. It doesn’t have the features of other reference Bibles (including the features that some online retailers are claiming), but its paper, references, size, binding, are enough to make this a great choice for a carry Bible.




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Cover and Binding

The edition I’m reviewing is brown cowhide. It has six spinal hubs that give it that extra flare. It looks and feels nice. It’s soft and has a beautiful grain. The liner is brown card stock. This is my favorite cover from Holman. The binding is sewn and it stays open in Genesis right out of the box.

Paper and Print

I’m not sure of the gsm, but this is some of the best paper I’ve seen in a reference Bible. It is more opaque than most Bibles. It has a white tone and a slightly rough texture that I love. I think it would be great for marking and taking notes.

The font is around a 9/10 with about a medium-dark boldness. I’m not overly fond of the style of font, but it won’t stop me from using or recommending it. It looks like Arial or similar. I like it overall- it’s just not my first choice. This is a red-letter edition. The red is about a medium darkness. The print quality seems consistent throughout for the black-letter. The red-letter does have some variation but it’s not too bad. There are accent marks and hyphens within certain words to help with pronunciation.

There are section-headings within the text. They are in all-caps and look like the same font as the text.


The center-column references are some of the best available and one of the strengths of this Bible. There are 21 references for Genesis 1:1. They are keyed to the text with letters. There are not a lot of translation notes. There are a few here and there, but they’re few and far between. They also use letters to key to the text. The references at the top of the column are for the verses on the left of the page and the verses at the bottom are for the verses on the right of the page. If there are more than will fit in the center column they are placed under the last verse on the page. They are still separated to make it easy to know which side of the page they are for.


The concordance is 48 pages with three columns per page. There are 37 entries for God. One thing I thought was interesting is that for people there are a couple of paragraphs telling their background and it gives some key verses of some of the more important events surrounding them. This can serve as a short introduction to the key people in Scripture.


There are 8 pages of maps. They are printed on thick paper but it’s not glossy paper that has a glare. I like this paper better. It has a matte finish and looks awesome. They are very colorful and they even have shading to indicate topography.

Thumb Index

This edition is thumb-index. On average there are three books for each tab. The tabs for the OT books are black and the tabs for the NT books are red. I prefer to have a tab for each book, especially for the more popular books. At least this will get you in the ball-park.


Although the Holman KJV Large Print Ultrathin Reference Bible has a basic set of features, the references, cover, binding, paper, and size make this one of my favorite reference Bibles. It could benefit from some charts, footnotes, and a reading plan, but it stands on its own as it is and these features would just add to the thickness. It’s a great choice for a carry Bible that’s not overly large and still has a large print and great set of references.

Buy from Amazon: Holman KJV Large Print Ultrathin Reference Bible


Holman Publishing provided this Bible free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review. My opinions are my own.

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