GTL Sanford Bible Dry Pencil

I love highlighting in my Bibles. Not all Bibles – I want to keep some of them clean for reading, but for study, teaching, and preaching it can be extremely useful. I’ve tried many pens, pencils, and highlighters over the years and some work much better for Bible paper than others. This requires lots of testing just to see if a pen or marker is usable in a Bible. GT Luscombe solves this problem by providing marking tools that are made specifically for Bibles. In this review I’m taking a look at a Bible highlighting kit called GTL Sanford Bible Dry Pencil.

GTL Sanford Bible Dry Pencil

GTL Sanford Bible Dry Pencil Bible Highlighting Kit comes with four colors – yellow, blue, pink, and green. They are “dry” rather than “wet”, so they won’t bleed through the paper. Always use dry highlighters and pencils for Bible marking.

The pencils work like a mechanical pencil where you push on the top and the lead comes out, but it doesn’t have lead or erasers like mechanical pencils. Also, they’re not like color pencils that you would use in art class or Bible art journaling. They are refillable, so you don’t have to buy the kit every time one color is used up.

They come with a case that’s perfect for storing and carrying them with you. The case’s packaging includes a simple color code that’s helpful for study. Even if you don’t use this color code I recommend using one because it’s more systematic. The colors will mean something rather than just being random.

GTL Sanford Bible Dry Pencil Examples

Here are a few examples of each color. I mostly colored over the text itself. I did try to underline one verse, but the lead is thick which makes underlining difficult. It’s not impossible though. I’ve included images of the backside of the pages so you can see how little show-though these pencils have.

Ending Thoughts on GTL Sanford Bible Dry Pencil

I found the GTL Sanford Bible Dry Pencils easy to use. I like that it’s refillable. The only issue I had was sometimes the lead (not really lead, but that’s probably the best word for it) would push back in as I marked the page. I found that if I clicked to bring out more lead than I needed I could push it back in until it stopped and I would have enough lead to mark with.

The colors are not overly dark, so if you want a lot of color you’ll need to go over the area multiple times. These pencils had much less show through of any marking tool I’ve used so far. Even under bright light it’s hard to see the color on the other side of the page. If you only need four colors (which is enough for basic highlighting) and want pencils that don’t show through and are refillable, the GTL Sanford Bible Dry Pencil Bible Highlighting Kit is worth trying.


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Photography by hannah C brown

GT Luscombe provided these Bible Dry Pencils free for review. I was not required to give a positive review – only an honest review. My opinions are my own.

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