Crossway Single Column Heritage ESV Bible – Unboxing

Here are a few unboxing photos of the Crossway Single Column Heritage ESV. This one is in black calfskin. You won’t believe how soft it is!

Review coming soon!

Crossway Single Column Heritage Bible Calfskin 001

Crossway Single Column Heritage Bible Calfskin 002

Crossway Single Column Heritage Bible Calfskin 003

Crossway Single Column Heritage Bible Calfskin 004

Crossway Single Column Heritage Bible Calfskin 005

Crossway Single Column Heritage Bible Calfskin 006

Crossway Single Column Heritage Bible Calfskin 007


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  1. Charles Jackson

    I love the look of the cover on the Bible you received. The calfskin appears ironed but still seems to have a slight grain pattern to it. The color depth on that calfskin is amazing. It appears richly black in the photos. Can’t wait to see the text layout.

  2. Paul Stevenson

    Follow up comment on my Heritage. I have 4 calfskin Bibles (Clarion, LCBP Midsized, Heritage, and a TBS Concord). The Clarion and the Heritage are obvious competitors and only the leather will be compared to the other two.

    1. Feel of Leather (Heritage, LCBP, Clarion, Concord).
    2. Leather liner (Heritage and LCBP only)
    3. Gilting (Clarion best)
    4. Ribbons (Clarion best)
    5. Paper ( Jongbloed printed Bibles are the best: Clarion best).
    7. Print readability/boldness (Clarion best).
    8. Lays flat open (Clarion is not tabbed and does; Heritage no).
    9. Line length (I think the Clarion is a little shorter/better).

    Overall this is a very nice little Bible. The perfect type to take to church/on a car ride etc. Chinese printing is a minus but the Abba binding is not. Except they could reduce/change the tab (Quentel has same problem) to make is lie flat. Question does the goatskin Clarion which is leather lined lie flat?

    • Randy Brown

      Paul, thanks for the update. I think the Heritage is great for the money but I do like my Clarion better overall. Jongbloed is the best. I wish I had gotten the NKJV Clarion in goatkin, but I opted for the calfskin edition (Baker let me choose which copy to review). I love the brown calfskin and I was afraid the goatskin would be too floppy for one-hand use and I was afraid it wouldn’t lie flat. The goatskin Cameo has this problem.

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