A Trip to the Bookstore: March 2019

I love going to used bookstores to search for Bibles and related books. You never know what you’ll find or who you’ll run into. On a recent trip to a bookstore (McKay’s in Chattanooga, TN), I saw a popular multi-volume set and ran into a children’s book author.

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I finally got the see Bibliotheca in person. This was the $200 set in good condition for $100. It was from the first run. I see why everyone likes them. The case was nice, but it didn’t stand out as anything special. I guess the fact that it even has a case is actually a big deal. It’s also available at Amazon.

It looked and felt like an expensive set of books. The cover was nice. I loved the paper. The print looked great. It was a good size and the right amount of darkness. The overall size of the books was a little tall for my tastes. I prefer the size of the ESV Six-Volume Reader’s Set (also available at Amazon). Bibliotheca compared well, though.

The only thing that kept me from buying it was the updated translation. If it had been the regular ASV I would have bought it (I actually would have bought it new in their first run). I don’t know enough about the update to make a purchase, even at half price in good condition.

Psalms for Kidz

Sherri Trudgian is the author of Psalms for Kidz, a series of books written specifically for kids based on the Psalms with culturally relevant material. She was showing many of her books, telling about her ministry, and answering questions.

The books are published by Little Sprout Publishing House and around 32 pages. They’re written by Sherri Trudgian and illustrated in watercolor by Melanie Moreland Krass. Each book is a different Psalm. The books look amazing and they’re simple to follow.

You can purchase the books from her website or on Amazon (affiliate).

More to Come

I found a few other things that I’ll be reviewing separately. I’ve come across a lot of interesting Bibles and books, and several authors, over the years. I’ll post more about them on a regular basis.

Have you found any interesting Bibles, books, or people in used book stores? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. Rowlandp

    Right next to a stack of Fifty Shades books.

  2. Jim Deloach

    I love McKay’s! I’m in the Nashville one on a weekly basis. I’ve been on a hot streak of finding some rare vintage KJV’s there.


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