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I finally got a chance to see the Newberry Large Print Single Column Reference Study Bible in person. The reps in the CPE booth flagged me down to give me a demonstration of its features and I am grateful they did. I was more than impressed. The paper is thick and opaque and print quality is dark and sharp. It looks like an excellent Bible for study. They also have a pocket edition, wide margin, and an interleaved edition.

Newberry Large Print Single Column Reference Study Bible

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  1. Doug Thompson

    Greetings Randy,
    Really enjoy reading your reviews. Can you please answer a couple questions on the new large print NewBerry Bible.? Is the cover leather lined? And how is the opacity of the paper?
    Thanks for your time, Doug Thompson

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Doug. I’m almost positive it had a paste-down liner. The paper was highly opaque. It did have a slight blue tint, but it was just noticeable. I’m not sure how thick it was. I mostly watched the rep thumb through it. I hope to be able to review one soon.

  2. Doug Thompson

    Thanks for getting back to me Randy. I went ahead & ordered one through amazon, $60.00

    • Randy A Brown

      Awesome! Please let us know how you like it if you have a chance.

  3. Danny

    I got one of these Newberry Bible’s and it is certainly the best study Bible I have used. It is a joy to see how the Greek and Hebrew works together to open the text. Also, I have 2 longprimers with biblical names dictionaries, but the Newberry has the name meanings on the page, which is especially helpful in the old testament. I look forward to seeing a proper review soon. This Scottish Bible is one of the best examples of the beauty of Scotch Bible printing.

    • Randy A Brown

      Thanks! I haven’t gotten it yet. I need to follow up on that. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. thomas newberry

    gdalfino@yahoo.com i have been using the best of all others barring none most of my friends uses this i have been using since approsx 1950 prestenly i am looking for the 6 volumns this bible my brother in ct has these bibles i am in tampa fla trust you continue to search the scriture most delightful . guy dalfino


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