Then and Now Bible Maps Plus KJV Reference Bible

The Then and Now Bible Maps Plus KJV Reference Bible is the first set that combines products from Rose Publishing and Henderickson Publishers. The combo includes Rose Publishing’s Then and Now Bible Maps Insert and Hendrickson Publisher’s KJV Reference Bible into a single kit so you can purchase them together.


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Hendrickson/Rose provided this combo in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review. My opinions are my own. 

Then and Now Bible Maps Insert

The Then and Now Bible Maps Insert is a 45-page booklet of full-color maps. Some of the maps include clear overlays with names and borders. Maps include distance, borders, routes, cities, mountains, timelines, Scripture references, events, charts, dates, illustrations, and lots more.

In the front is a table of contents, showing the titles of each of the maps. It includes a 4-page index in the back to help you find anything quickly.

Maps, charts, timelines, and illustrations include:

  1. Middle East: Then and Now
  2. Old Testament Time Line
  3. Abraham’s Journeys
  4. Journeys of Jacob and Joseph
  5. Families of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
  6. The Exodus: Then and Now
  7. Judges and Prophets of Israel
  8. Holy Land – Twelve Tribes: Then and Now
  9. The Cycle Pattern in Judges
  10. Holy Land – United Kingdom: Then and Now
  11. The Tabernacle
  12. Holy Land – Divided Kingdom: Then and Now
  13. Assyrian Empire: Then and Now
  14. Babylonian Empire
  15. Persian Empire
  16. New Testament Time Line
  17. Jerusalem
  18. Holy Land – New Testament: Then and Now
  19. Paul’s Travels and Missionary Journeys
  20. Paul’s Journey’s: Then and Now
  21. Paul’s Early Travels
  22. Paul’s First Journey
  23. Paul’s Second Journey
  24. Paul’s Third Journey
  25. Paul’s Journey to Rome

KJV Reference Bible

The reference Bible is a KJV hand-sized (8.8 x 5.5 x .8″) thinline edition in double column verse-by-verse format. The cover looks to be plastic. It’s Smyth sewn. The paper feels somewhere in the mid 30’s in gsm. It has a slight cream color and it’s decently opaque. It has a rough texture that’s easy to turn. It’s good paper for reading and marking.

It’s a red-letter edition. The red is a dark shade, which I love for red-letter editions. The packaging calls it a 9-point. I’m sure that’s including the leading (the font plus the space to the next line). It looks like an 8-point not including the leading. The typeface is consistently dark and easy to read. Verse numbers are in bold so they stand out.

References are placed at the end of the verses. Here’s a small sampling:

  • Genesis 1:1 – Heb 11:3
  • Deuteronomy 6:4 – Jn 17:3
  • Isaiah 9:6 – Is 7:14
  • Matthew 17:20 – Lk 17:6
  • Mark 11:23 – Mt 17:20
  • Mark 12:29 – Dt 6:4
  • John 1:1 – Jn 17:5
  • Acts 2:38 – Lk 24:47
  • 1 John 1:1 – Jn 20:27

The concordance is 52 pages and has a good amount of entries for study. Here’s a small sampling:

  • Christ – 38
  • Christian (Christians) – 2
  • Faith – 89
  • Faithless – 2
  • Faithful – 30
  • Faithfulness – 8
  • God – 18
  • Godhead – 3
  • Godly – 4
  • Godliness – 7
  • Praise (Praised) – 19
  • Praises – 5
  • Pray – 17
  • Praying (Prayed) – 6
  • Prayer – 18
  • Prayers – 3

It has 8 colorful maps on thick glossy paper. Maps include:

  1. Geography of the Land of Israel/Palestine
  2. Exodus and Conquest of Canaan
  3. Kingdoms of Israel and Judah During the Divided Monarchy
  4. The Land of Israel/Palestine in the First Century of the Common Era
  5. The Roman Empire (Paul’s Journeys)
  6. Jerusalem and the Temple in Old Testament Times
  7. Jerusalem and the Temple in New Testament Times
  8. Jewish and Christian Communities in Late Antiquity


I love the maps. Even though it’s called an insert, it doesn’t fit within the cover of the Bible that comes with it. The maps are well-drawn and use simplified colors. Most look like the type of maps you’d find in a Bible, but the added overlays provide an extra ‘layer’ of information that you wouldn’t normally get in a set of maps. I especially liked having the timelines and the illustrations. The Tabernacle was one of my favorites.

The KJV Reference Bible is inexpensive, but it’s a handy edition for carry and study. I’m not fond of the cover, but I do like that it has a sewn binding. The print is dark and sharp and I love the paper. This is a good Bible for carrying around and using without having to worry what happens to it. I recommend the Then and Now Bible Maps Plus KJV Reference Bible to anyone interested in a combo set for carrying and study.


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Hendrickson/Rose provided this combo in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review. My opinions are my own. 

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