TBS Westminster KJV in Black Hard Cover – Quick Look


I am a fan of the TBS Westminster. I’ve reviewed both the TBS calfskin edition and the Schuyler goatskin edition, and I love them both. You can see those reviews for more detail about the text and its impressive features. You can buy it directly from TBS here: Westminster Reference Bible (black hardback).


I love the Jongbloed printing, the cream paper, the sharp font, the 200,000 cross references, and the glossary in the margins. I’ve wondered about the hard cover edition. Well, I found a deal that I couldn’t pass up ($16 on Amazon) and had to give it a try.


I’m glad to say that it’s everything I had hoped for. It uses the same Jongbloed printed text-block as the more expensive editions. It even has the same writing paper in the back and same the colorful maps. I wanted one that lay flat in one hand and I could feel good about writing in it. This will do just nicely.


IMG_5990I love the texture on the hard cover. It has a grain to it and it has 5 raised hubs. It looks and feels elegant. 



The only difference: hard cover, squared corners for the paper, non-gilted edges, and 2 ribbons instead of 4. That’s it. The paper’s cream tone still looks great even without the gilting.






IMG_5991I can’t think of another Bible I would rather have for $16. I can highly recommend the TBS Westminster Reference Bible in black hardcover.

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  1. Don Denison

    Dear Randy:

    I too am a fan of the Westminister Reference Bible as you know, bought one for myself, one each for my daughters. The only problem I had was reading it for long sessions in my favorite chair, it was a little to large and the cover too soft to protect that lower margin from wear and damage. The Hardcover is inexpensive enough (I wouldn’t call any version of this bible cheap) that I won’t worry about it. Maybe, just maybe it will turn into the king of the lampstand.

    Yours in Christ

    Don Denison

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Don,

      Being able to hold it flat in one hand at an angle and being able to prop it on my stomach is the reason I wanted the hard cover edition. My wife has the calfskin edition and I have the goatskin edition from Schuyler. They’re both amazing. Mine is so floppy and slippery that I have trouble holding it. It’s a great Bible for laying in your lap (although the text isn’t dark enough or large enough for me at that distance). My wife’s calfskin is easier to hold onto that the goatskin. I’m a fan of well-made hard cover editions. I’ve wanted it for a while and it definitely didn’t disappoint me.


  2. Airik H

    That is a great deal, out of all the bibles I have reviewed the Westminster takes 1st place for paper quality and print. The reference’s and the archaic words in the margin have really become a goto for me, I actually love the grippy calfskin cover it really makes me wonder how nice that would have felt if it had been made with a leather liner. That hardback is very nice looking I’m not a fan of the old hardbacks but that one is done very well and knowing that it has the same paper I don’t think you will find a better deal.

  3. Don Denison

    Dear Randy:

    Your comments about how you handle your bible when reading in your chair have made up my mind, I’m ordering one next payday. Evidently you and I have the same habits while holding the bible, most likely you read for an hour or more at each reading as I do, I too tend to rest the bible on my tummy, therefore the concern about that bottom margin getting damaged, that is the reason I liked my Personal Concord so well, that and the complete features it has. This hardcover Westminister should work just fine while I am in my chair, and the features and type font are even better than the Personal Concord.

    Yours in Christ

    Don Denison

  4. Mark Warner

    Great Bible. I purchased a large print for me and gave the regular size one to my daughter.


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