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Rose Publishing’s Bible Timeline – Review

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Rose Publishing’s Bible Timeline covers from Genesis to Revelation – from 2200 BC to 100 AD. It compares Bible history, world history, and Middle East history and shows how they relate to each other. In this review I’m taking a look at the PDF edition – a download with the license to print three copies. It’s also available in printed form.

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The charts include major events and they’re marked to show the possible dates. It covers the various ages and includes color photos of archaeological items from those ages. For example it shows the pyramids, Egyptian hieroglyphics, murals, tablets, and monuments. It also has a drawing of the tabernacle.

The first page, Creation to Abraham, shows the timeline of each person from Adam to Abraham and you can see how their life-spans overlapped. This gives an idea of who could have known who. For example, Noah’s father Lamech could have known Adam and Abraham could have known Noah (note – the chart isn’t saying they knew each other. That was my illustration to show their lives overlapping).

Where there are controversies over dates they place one date in the timeline and an alternate date as a prominent note. Some dates, such as the building of the pyramids, are given as ranges.

Across the top of the page it shows the books of the Bible that the page relates to. At the bottom of the page it shows the metal age (bronze, iron, etc.). It also has the intertestamental period. This section includes color photos on Egyptian ruins, Masada, Vesuvius, and a Roman colosseum.

The New Testament is takes a single page and shows the highlights of events in the lives of Jesus and the Apostles. This page has the most information on it and it’s still readable. It does mention to two possible dates of the exile of John and writing of Revelation.

It was interesting to see the fall of Qumran and the destruction of Pompeii. I also like that it has the various Empires and Emperors with the main events around them. This is a nice timeline to have in your Bible or to use for reference. I highly recommend it for both reference and study.

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Rose Publishing provided this pamphlet in PDF for free for review. I was not required to give a positive review – only an honest review. My opinions are my own.

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