Adrian from AE Bibles has rebound my Thomas Nelson Maclaren based on my specs. I based my design on my Yamaha Keyboard. This is a training keyboard with a white body. I’ve always been drawn to that color combination and I wanted something that shared that white with black highlights aesthetic. I went with a white Sully Chevre goatskin cover with black highlights and a gray art-gilt to match the bottom half of the keyboard. Adrian added notebook paper in the back for notes.

  • White Sully Chevre Goatskin
  • 1/2″ Yapp
  • 6 Raised Spine Hubs
  • Black Perimeter Stitching
  • 3 Black Sully Goatskin Spine Inlays
  • White Spine Stamping
  • Perimeter Tooling
  • Black Lambskin Liner
  • Watering Can Gray Art Gilt
  • Three 10mm Angle Cut and Sealed Premium Ribbons: Black, Ivory, Black
  • White Cloth Headbands
  • Black Arrestox Linen Finish Book Cloth End Sheet
  • Notebook Pages


About the Cover

The Sully Chevre goatskin leather is soft and flexible. The lambskin liner is even softer. It includes a half-inch yapp, which feels like the right size for this Bible. The perimeter stitching with black thread on the white goatskin looks great. The stitching isn’t perfectly straight, which makes it obvious it was done by hand. Perimeter tooling draws a line around the edge of the text block. Nothing is printed on the front. The spine has 6 raised hubs and 3 black goatskin inlays with text printed in white.

The edge-lined tab is small, which is my preference. The book cloth end sheets give it an elegant feel. This Bible has no trouble staying open in Genesis 1. The white head/tail bands stand out against the black liner. The black, white, and black color schemes of the ribbons are meant to invoke the white and black keys of the keyboard. I think it works perfectly. The ribbons are extra-long, making them easy to use.

I’m not sure how the notebook paper was attached, but it looks sturdy. The gray art-gilt took a little while to get used to when preaching, but I like it a lot. It matches well with the bottom section of my Yamaha keyboard. This Bible feels elegant and I love this design. I plan to use this as my preaching Bible for a while.


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AE Bibles rebound this Bible in exchange for an honest review.