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Large Print Westminster Coming Soon!

It’s no secret that the TBS Westminster is my favorite reference Bible. It has 200,000 cross-references, a glossary in the margins, a sharp digital font, and I love that paper. The one thing I hear the most from readers is they want the Westminster in large print. TBS listened. The Large Print Westminster goes into print this June and will be available in the UK in September. Hopefully, it will be available here in the US by this Christmas but that’s not guaranteed. We can always order from the UK shop though.

23% Larger

The Large Print Westminster is an enlargement of the current setting. It will be 23% larger than the regular edition. This will bring the font to around 11.8, creating a rival to the Turquoise, Canterbury, and Longprimer. Like the Compact Westminster, it will not include the concordance in order to bring down the cost and size. It will be available in hardcover and calfskin.

I’ll post more information as I receive it.

UPDATE FOR USD PRICES: $27 for the hardcover edition and $95 for the leather edition.

  • You can purchase the regular size and compact Westminster’s at the TBS store and get the Kindle edition from Amazon.

Video: Large Print Westminster Announcement and Westminster Review

My Thoughts on the Large Print Westminster

I’m looking forward to the Large Print Westminster. I love the regular edition for reading and study, but the font can sometimes be a little small for me for preaching. The thin font design can be a little difficult to read without good lighting. The larger font will fix that problem. It will be a great edition for reading, study, and preaching.

How about you? Are you looking forward to the Large Print Westminster? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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