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CBP Black Water Buffalo

Church Bible Publishers is releasing a new color for thier Water Buffalo Platinum Series. Black is added to the list, which currently includes Milk Chocolate and Cranberry. It still has a cowhide edge-lined liner. The cover is made by AA Leather.

Out of the box, it’s flexible but not overly floppy. The leather is extra-thick, which feels elegant. It has a matte finish and a pebbly grain. The raised spine ribs are thick and fit nicely with the size of the Bible. The corner-work is impressive. The texture of the water buffalo is more similar to a cross between goatskin and cowhide. If I didn’t know what it was I might guess it to be cowhide (which is good, because I like cowhide).

There’s nothing printed on the front. The spine includes 5 raised ribs and the text printed in gold. The page edges are gold gilt. It has three 3/8″ black ribbons. They’re extra-long.

It will available in the black-letter Note Takers, regular size Thompson Chain Reference, red-letter Turquoise, and the Wide Margin Text editions. The sample they shipped is the Note Takers. I’ll be sending this to the next reviewer, so I won’t be able to compare it or answer questions (except maybe from memory).



Here’s a look at how the black water buffalo compares to several Bibles including the milk chocolate water buffalo. I’m comparing it to goatskin because that’s what it’s the most similar to.

CBP Chocolate

The two look and feel so different that I don’t think I’d guess they were the same leather if I didn’t know they were. The black looks and feels more similar to cross between cowhide and goatskin, while the milk chocolate has a completely different grain and texture for both the outer cover and the liner. The contruction quality seems to be the same, which is impressively high.

Thomas Nelson Giant Print Goatskin

The Thomas Nelson goatskin is thinner and more flexible. It’s also shinier. It has perimeter stitching.

Cambridge Topaz Goatskin

The Cambridge Topaz goatskin has a similar grain but it’s shiny. It is slightly more flexible. It also has perimeter stitching.


The black water buffalo looks and feels elegant. Without being able to use it for a while I’m not sure how I’d like it when compared to other leathers, but I think it would hold up well. It doesn’t seem to be soft or scratch easily. The construction seems to be as good as anything I’ve seen. It absolutely has the feel of a premium Bible. It should go on sale by December 1st, 2019. When it does go on sale, you’ll be able to see it at

This Bible was sent to the next reviewer, so I won’t be able to do comparisons or answer questions.

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