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Four Views on the End Times Complete Kit from Rose Publishing – Review

Four Views on the End Times Complete Kit from Rose Publishing 001

Four Views on the End Times is a 6-lesson DVD-based study series that compares the four most common Christian views on the end times: Historical Premillennialism, Amillennialism, Dispensational Premillennialism, and Postmillennialism. The complete kit edition includes a DVD, PowerPoint presentations, Leader’s Guide, Participant’s Guide, a Reference Pamphlet, and PDF files that include the Leader’s Guide and promotional materials.


The DVD includes 6 15-20 minute sessions taught by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones. Dr. Jones is a very good teacher. He stays on topic and shows many slides that add to the presentation. At the end of each session Jones answers one or two common questions about the topic covered in that session. He talks fast but he’s easy to follow. The DVD is great for private or group study.

PDF Files

There is a disc of PDF’s that includes the Leader’s Guide and promotional materials. Promotional materials include a poster, flier, postcard, bulletin insert, and banners.

PowerPoint Presentations

Another disc includes the PowerPoint Presentations, which requires PowerPoint 2001 or above. There are over 100 slides that cover all of the topics in the sessions and they can easily be used for private or group study.

Leader’s Guide

The Leaser’s Guide is a 78-page guide to leading and teaching the material. It includes an outline to each session, information on how to prepare for the class, what topics to discuss, provides study notes and questions, application, recommended resources, and more. Most sessions include key terms, diagrams, and charts. This is a good guide that helps the leaders stay on topic. It even shows how much time should be spent on each section.

Participant’s Guide

The Participant’s Guide is 107 pages and includes some of the information found in the Leader’s Guide such as the outlines and key terms. It includes verses to read and questions to answer about each section. The Participant’s Guide is complete enough to be used as a stand-alone study guide.

Reference Pamphlet

The Reference Pamphlet is a fold-out insert that can be placed in your Bible. It includes a summary of each section and also includes charts, timelines, and key terms. It ends with a summary of key characters and events of the book of Revelation.


Four Views on the End Times DVD series from Rose Publishing is an excellent introduction to the four prominent end time views. The material is presented in an easy to follow and understand manner and without bias. Pros and cons are given for the various views and the views are compared with Scripture. The views are treated fairly and accurately. I recommend Four Views on the End Times Complete Kit for personal or group study.


Rose Publishing provided this DVD study series free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.


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