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Logos March Matchup Voting and Sale

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We are a Logos partner and get a small percentage of the sales made through our links to help keep Bible Buying Guide running.

Voting for the Annual Logos March Matchup starts today. It is one of their biggest promotional events of the year. 64 of their top commentary sets are competing and you get to help decide the winner and get great discounts along the way. The first items eliminated will have a discount of 35% and the discounts will get higher each round the product stays in the competition. Until the final round where the runner-up will be 57% off and the winner will be a huge 60% off. Discounts will go live within 24 hours of the completion of each round and all of the deals will be available from sometime late in the day on March 22nd through 10 AM (PST) on April 1st. For a direct link to the voting for the Commentary Matchup click here.

This year they have also added a second competition for their Mobile Ed courses. 32 of them will go head to head in a similar elimination round system with one less round and a longer last round to have them start and end on the same day. These discounts will also range from 35 to 60% off depending on how far into the competition each course lasts. For a direct link to the voting for the Mobile Ed Matchup click here.

Nothing has been eliminated yet but the Logos March Matchup Sale page is already set up and live. It includes a bonus deal of 40% off of last year’s winner, the New International Commentary: Old and New Testament Set. It’s a great deal if you don’t already have it. You can bookmark our links to vote in each round and to check on the growing number of items on sale.



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