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Jann Gray of Illuminated Journaling – 2018 CBA Unite

One of the people we always look forward to talking to at any Bible trade show is Jann Gray. She is so genuine in her faith and so enthusiastic about her craft. She want’s to help others use creativity to worship and commune with God. Among other things, she was doing demos of new sets of Artistic Impressions Watercolor Stamps that will release later this year.

Video Interview with Jann Gray of Illuminated Journaling

I love Jann’s books. She has written Illuminated Journaling (review here) and Stones of Remembrance (review here). Both are well written, informative, and encouraging.

She feels very strongly about people needing a family Bible that does more than set on a shelf with a record of dates in it. We need one that includes our family’s history of walking with God. One that highlights verses and biblical concepts that are important to us. A Bible with images to help us remember the stories and concepts that could be pulled out and shared on a regular basis, a legacy Bible. Legacy journaling is an important and rewarding undertaking but it can be scary and overwhelming as well. Jann wants to make getting started easier for everyone.

This fall Jann will be releasing a 6 part video series about how to get started legacy journaling. These videos go along with and add to the material found in the Stones of Remembrance products Jann has already released. There is a book, workbook (review coming), and One and Done Set (reusable sheets with traceable images). I’m really looking forward to this new video series. I’ve learned a lot about Bible journaling (both the heart and art aspects of it) from classes and videos Jann has done in the past.

Video Demonstration of Jann Gray Art-Journaling

Randy also managed to get a short video of Jann working on an entry for Psalm 46:10. Bible Journaling helps her to meditate on God’s word and memorize verses. This method of using watercolors for the base color and going back over adding detail and shading with colored pencils is one of Jann’s favorites.

To find out more about Jann Gray, and her products, or to see more of her demonstrations and how-tos please visit her website and her YouTube channel.

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