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Interview with Dr. Charles W. Page

At CPE we got to do an interview with Dr. Charles W. Page, author of A Spoonful of Courage for the Sick and Suffering.

ISBN 9781642792478 (This post contains some affiliate links.)

Dr. Page’s interview was the first one of the day. Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties and the usable video started a minute or so into our interview with him.

Charles Page is a surgeon from Nacogdoches, a small town in Texas. The first one of his family to go to college, he felt called of God to go into medicine. Between being a small-town doctor and his medical trips to Africa he has seen a wide range of patients, illnesses, and the various ways people deal with some of the worst news they can get.

The book is titled A Spoonful of Courage NOT a spoonful of sugar. Dr. Page isn’t sugarcoating your illnesses. Pain is real, sickness is real, and enduring them is difficult. But people can draw courage from the inspiring stories of those who have endured similar circumstances and managed to have lives full of joy, peace, and fulfillment. Most importantly they can draw courage by focusing upward towards God instead of inward. Once they have that focus solidly established they can turn outward and find the opportunities that the Lord is giving them in the midst of their struggle.

We really enjoyed the chance to talk with Charles. And we appreciate his patience as we tried to work through our technical problems. I look forward to a chance to talk to him again at future events like CPE.

A Spoonful of Courage is published by Morgan James Faith and has a list price of $14.99. You can purchase his book online at Christianbook and Amazon or at many local Bible stores and regular bookstores. You might also want to check out his book Surrendered Sleep that discusses sleep disorders from a Biblical perspective or one of his children’s stories like Azi’s Dance.

Visit to find out more about Dr. Page and his ministries or to leave a prayer request.


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