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ICRS – The TBS Booth

Here’s a look at the Bibles in the Trinitarian Bible Society booth. One interesting thing about TBS Bibles (several reviews coming soon btw) is that all of them, even the pocket size vinyl editions, are sewn. I will admit to touching that Windsor and Royal Ruby more than once. My two favorite Bibles (Westminster and Family Bible) were both present.

I got to take a look at the pulpit Bible, Hebrew and Greek Bible, Royal Ruby, Compact Pitt Minion, a devotional called Daily Light, and several others. Their newest edition is a Spanish New Testament. One of the translators was there and we had a fascinating discussion about this edition and the translation process.

I’ve always been impressed with the TBS crew and the passion they have for their products. They’re just as excited and proud of their Bibles in every language.



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