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Hendrickson Large Print Thinline Reference Bible KJV Imitation Leather – Review

The Hendrickson Large Print is a budget model (printed in China) Bible that has many features not found in premium Bibles.


  • 9/10-point font that’s clear and readable
  • Headings in the text in bold type
  • End-of-verse references
  • Imitation leather looks and feels great
  • Sewn binding lays flat


  • Paper lining makes binding slightly stiff
  • Basic concordance
  • No index to maps

Here are the major features

  • Presentation page
  • Epistle Dedicatory
  • Large print – 10-point font
  • End-of-verse references
  • Red-letter
  • Imitation leather
  • Cover stitched all around
  • Sewn binding
  • One ribbon marker
  • Silver gilting
  • 8 full-color maps
  • Special Features section
  • 9.25 x 6.25 x 1
  • List Price = $29.95
  • Amazon Price = $22.76
  • Christianbook Price = $17.99
  • Meta review = 4/5


The cover is imitation leather. It is two-tone blue and grey and has stitching around the edges. It looks very nice and it feels good to the touch.

The most impressive feature is the sewn binding. A sewn binding is a ‘must-have’ in my opinion and I was not expecting a sewn binding at this price-point. The map section has sewn stitching (called overcasting).


The text is a 9-point font with 10-point leading. It’s a very readable modern font. It is not self-pronouncing. It does have italics for words supplied by the translators.

The red-letter is actually red. It’s not too bold. It’s just as readable as the black-letter text. It’s one of the nicest red-letter texts that I’ve seen.

There are plenty of section headings to break up the text into sections. The headings are in bold print, just as the verse numbers are.


The paper is about what you expect in this price-range. It’s not acid-free. It’s fairly thick and does have slight ghosting, but it’s not that bad- just noticeable. It’s more opaque than many slimline Bibles.


The references are at the end of the verses. They have a smaller font than the regular text. I like end-of-verse references because they are easier to find. Although the references are not keyed to the text, so there’s no way to know which portion of the verse the references go to.

Special Features

The special features include key Bible promises, harmony of the gospels, miracles in the OT, parables in the OT, miracles in the NT, parables in the NT, and concordance.

The concordance is 70 pages, in two-column and large print, so it’s just basic. It has 12 entries for ‘God’. It’s typical for this price range. It has the same font as the text so it is easy to read.


There are eight pages of full-color maps. There is no index to the maps, but the maps are printed on thick, glossy paper and they look nice.


Hendrickson Large Print Thinline is one of the nicest texts that I’ve seen. It is very readable. The end-of-verse references do not distract from reading and they are much easier to find quickly than other reference formats. The headings in the text are unusual for Bible that is not considered a ‘study Bible’. It’s a great reading and carry Bible. I highly recommend Hendrickson’s Large Print Thinline KJV.


Hendrickson Publishers provided this Bible free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.

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