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Crossway – 2018 CBA Unite

Crossway had a large area with several tables to show their current line and a few things that are on the way. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any Heirloom editions. They may have had them put up, but they were so busy I didn’t get to talk to them much. Here’s a look at their booth and some of the newer Bibles.

Illuminated Scripture Journal

You can see their ESV Scripture Journals in black, but there’s a new edition coming that’s based on the Illuminated Bible Art Journaling Edition. It’s called the Illuminated Scripture Journal and has each book in individual volumes and includes the artwork from the full-sized Bible along with dotted grids for notes. It will also be available in several covers.

Reader’s Gospel of John

I also took a look at the single volume reader’s edition of the Gospel of John. The edition I looked at was hardcover and came in a slip case.

Journaling Psalter

Here’s a look at the Journaling Psalter. It follows the same design as the Scripture Journals but has a higher-quality cover.


Here’s a look at three different editions of Psalms: the Journaling Psalter, Devotional Psalter, and the Psalms.

I wasn’t able to interview anyone at the show, but I do have a written interview lined up that we’ll hopefully have posted in a month or so. We also have several more reviews coming including the Heirloom Legacy in black goatskin. Stay tuned for the video and written review of that one coming soon.

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