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Collins KJV Reference Bible in Genuine Morocco

Collins KJV Reference Bible in Genuine Morocco 022

I wanted to show off my latest used bookstore find: a Collins KJV reference Bible in genuine morocco. It’s about the size of the Concord. The paper is more opaque and has a cream tone that I love (like an Allan Longprimer). The font is slightly larger than the Concord. It looks like a 9-point to me with a 10-point leading. The text is self-pronouncing with italics for supplied words. It is black-letter. The font is beautiful. It has center-column references and translators’ notes that are keyed to the text. There are also dates for when the events took place. There are 11 verses for Genesis 1:1. It has art-gilt edges and a blue silk ribbon. It has a sewn binding and has no trouble lying flat. The cover is stiff, so I can hold it in one hand for reading. It has a daily reading plan to read the Bible through in a year, with Psalms and the NT twice. It has a 120-page concordance/topical index. There are 17 pages of maps and an index to maps. The page in the front calls it a Long Primer. The presentation page is dated 1961. This one might become my carry Bible.


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