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Christian Product Expo 2017 Bibles

At any Christian Product show you know the first thing that Randy will be looking at is Bibles. There were a large number for him (and me) to look at on our recent trip to the Christian Retail Expo in Murfreesboro, TN.

Here are photos of a handful we were allowed to photograph and share.

Tyndale’s Swindoll Study Bible

We’ll be reviewing this one soon.

Tyndale’s NLT Large Print Slimline Bible

The Large Print Slimline Bible had a clean layout and good paper.

Christian Art’s KJV Giant Print and Super Giant Print Bibles

The first 3 pictures are of two different editions of the Giant Print and the last 2 of the Super Giant Print. They all have a sharp text that’s good for reading and preaching.

Crossway’s ESV Systematic Theology Study Bible

We also have a review of this one coming.

Crossway’s ESV Archaeology Study Bible

This one won’t be out until March of 2018 and all we actually got to see was a promotional pamphlet but Crossway is so excited about it that they couldn’t wait for us to share it with you. Randy is really looking forward to this one since archaeology is a favorite subject of his.

Holman’s CSB Study Bible

It has updates to the notes and features.

Holman’s CSB She Reads Truth Bible

I know this one released around April of this year but it was the first time I’d had a chance to spend much time with it. It looks like a very interesting study Bible and the Poppy linen cover is one of my favorite shades of coral.

Whitaker House’s KJVer Sword Bible

We like the KJVer Bibles and are always glad to see new sizes and new covers so there will be a Bible for every taste.

Multi-Language Media’s Korean Parallel Bible

If I understood Mr Pitman correctly Multi-Language Media doesn’t actually produce many of these Bibles but they are always looking for Bibles in new languages and new editions of the languages they already have to distribute. He particularly likes parallel edition Bibles for their usefulness to missionaries and people who are just starting to learn English or another language.


There were a couple of other Bibles we got to photograph at CPE but we can’t share the photos yet.

Which one of these is your favorite? Which would you like to see reviewed?

For more about Munce Group‘s Christian Product Expo (CPE) you can see the overview post and the Bible journaling post (that includes a few more Bibles)


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