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How to Choose and Use a Wide-Margin Bible [Kindle Edition]

The first book from Bible Buying Guide is available on Kindle: How to Choose and Use a Wide-Margin Bible

This book covers what you need to know when choosing a Bible, and pens, markers, highlighters, and pencils to write in that Bible. It gives many tips on Bible marking. Here’s the description from Amazon:

Using a wide-margin Bible is one of the best and most effective ways of digging into God’s Word. Many Christians want one, but are not sure which Bible to buy. Many readers buy them, but few actually use them. Writing in a Bible is a daunting task to most readers, especially in an expensive Bible, because they are just not sure about what to write, what to write with, and how to get started. This book can help. How to Choose and Use a Wide-Margin Bible is a wide-margin Bible user’s guide that teaches readers:
• What makes a good quality Bible
• How to choose a translation that best suits your needs
• Bible features and tools
• What marking tools to use for writing in your Bible
• Color-coding
• 5 methods of Bible marking
• What to write in the margins
• Highlighting
• Developing your own symbols
• How to use the note-paper in the back of your Bible
• How to think more closely about each verse


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