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Five Must-Own Bibles for Kindle

E-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, are great tools for Bible study. Here are five Bibles that would enhance your Bible reading and study on the Kindle.

ESV from Crossway

A free version of the ESV translation. This Bible has good navigation and a great price.

ESV Study Bible from Crossway

The ESV Study Bible has lots of notes on the Biblical canon, how to study, theology, etc. It’s a vast wealth of study for less than $10.


OSNOVA KJV Study Bible

The OSNOVA Study Bible has about the best navigation of any Bible for Kindle. It’s designed for easy searching, is in paragraph format, and includes Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, How to Study the Bible for Greatest Profit, and Daily Bread. All for $4.99.


HCSB from Holman

A free version of the Holman Christian Standard version.


NIV Archaeological Study Bible

One of the best study Bibles ever made (IMHO). The Archaeological Study Bible is a filled with archaeological facts about places, people, cultures, and more.


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