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Bible Marking Pens and Pencils

One of the most popular questions I’m asked is what kind of pens and pencils I use for writing and marking in my Bible. There are many good markers, highlighters, pens, and pencils available. I’ve used many of them with various marking methods. Here’s my favorite:

I use Pigma Micron markers to write notes in the margins of my wide-margin Bible. They are archival quality and have almost no bleed-through and they don’t smear. They come in several tip-sizes and colors. I use 005 for notes. I use black for chain references, blue for headings, red for textual notes, and green for study systems and memory verses (I circle the verse number if it’s in my memory list). I use pencils for underlining, but if I were using these markers I would use 05. There are other sizes and colors available. You can get them from Amazon in a set of 8 or set of 6 markers.

I use PrismaColor coloring pencils for any highlighting or underlining. PrismaColor do not leave marks in the page and they have very rich colors. It’s best not to use too many colors because it can be difficult to tell them apart.

There are many other choices, but this is my current tool-kit. I’m currently considering a new Bible and a new marking method. I’m sure I’ll continue using these pens, pencils, or both.

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