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Ask Bible Buying Guide: NKJV Study Bible Comparison

Lewis asked to see a comparison of the Thomas Nelson Full Color NKJV Study Bible and the Holman Full Color Study Bible NKJV Edition. Both Bibles have a lot of material and benefits. Both have lots of commentary and articles, book introductions, center-column references, in-text maps and charts, etc.

The Thomas Nelson has word studies with Strong’s numbers and definitions, 100 short articles at the bottom of the page, several tables in the back, a topical index, etc. You can see the review here: Thomas Nelson NKJV Study Bible – Review

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The Holman has 21 full-page articles. 15,000 study notes, reading plans, a concordance with topical information, etc. You can see the review here: Holman NKJV Study Bible – Review

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