Most Popular Bibles

This is a list of Bibles that are popular on Amazon among our readers over the past year. I’ve categorized them by Bible type. All Bibles are listed according to sales.

The list is still in progress.

Reference Bible

Reference Bibles are the most popular and they are among my favorites. They contain cross or chain references and often contain translation notes. They are great for study and carry and come in many sizes and translations.

Cambridge Clarion NKJV Bible 040

1. Cambridge NKJV Clarion in brown calfskin

2. Cambridge ESV Clarion in brown calfskin

3. Crossway ESV Large Print Thinline in black leather

4. Crossway ESV Verse-By-Verse Reference in brown/saddle TruTone

5. Cambridge KJV Cameo in black imitation leather

6. Cambridge KJV Cameo in brown calfskin leather

7. Cambridge KJV Cameo with Apocrypha in black goatskin leather

8. Cambridge KJV Clarion in black goatskin

9. Cambridge KJV Clarion in brown calfskin

10. Cambridge KJV Concord in black calf-split indexed

11. Zondervan KJV Reference Bible in navy bonded leather indexed

12. Zondervan KJV Reference Bible Giant Print in burgundy bonded leather indexed


list updated 3/4/2014


Study Bible


1. Holman KJV Study Bible in hardcover

2. Crossway ESV Study Bible in brown/cordovan TruTone

3. Crossway ESV Study Bible in walnut/taupe TruTone

4. Crossway ESV Study Bible Personal Size in chocolate/blue TruTone

5. Crossway ESV Study Bible Personal Size in deep brown/tan

6. Hendrickson KJV Fire Bible in leather

7. AMG ESV Hebrew Greek Keyword Study Bible in black genuine leather

8. Holman NKJV Study Bible in black genuine leather indexed

9. Tyndale NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible in hardcover

10. Holman KJV Study Bible in black genuine leather

11. Holman KJV Study Bible in lavender LeatherTouch

12. Holman KJV Study Bible in mantova black LeatherTouch


List updated 3/4/2014


Wide Margin Bible


1. Crossway ESV Single Column Journaling Bible in black hardcover

2. Crossway ESV Single Column Legacy in brown TruTone

3. Cambridge NKJV Wide Margin in hardcover

4. Crossway ESV Single Column Journaling in red

5. Crossway ESV Single Column Legacy in brown leather

6. Crossway ESV Single Column Legacy in burgundy TruTone

7. Cambridge KJV Concord Wide Margin in black calf-split

8. Hendrickson KJV Large Print Wide Margin in hardcover

9. Hendrickson KJV Large Print Wide Margin in black genuine leather


List updated 3/4/2014


Text Only

1. Crossway ESV Single Column Heritage in brown/burgundy TruTone

2. Crossway ESV Thinline in charcoal TruTone


List updated 3/4/2014



1. Koine Greek New Testament

2. Girl Talk: Mother-Daughter Conversations about Biblical Womanhood

3. Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God

4. Bible Healing Study Course


1. Easy Bible Marking Guide (mine! thanks everyone!)

2. How to Choose and Use a Wide-Margin Bible (also mine! thanks again!)


1. OSNOVA Study Bible KJV

2. ESV Study Bible

3. Archaeological Study Bible

4. Holy Bible (NIV)

5. OSNOVA Study Bible WEB

6. Holy Bible (KJV)

7. KJV Bible with VerseSearch

8. Life Application Study Bible (NIV)

9. NIV Study Bible


1. Micron Inductive Bible Study Kit

2. Pigma Micron Pen 

3. 6 piece Pigma Micron Pen Set

4. PrismaColor Sharpener

5. 8 piece Pigma Micron Set

Other Online Outlets

This list is a little harder to track since I can’t see the actual sales results (no affiliate links, so they’re not trackable). I’ve Ranked these according to the popularity of my reviews. These Bibles are some of the most popular reviews on this site.

1. TBS KJV Westminster Reference in black calfskin

2. RL Allan KJV Longprimer in Brown Goatskin

3. TBS KJV Winsor Text in black calfskin

4. LCBP KJV Note-Taker’s in black ironed calfskin

5. Schuyler KJV Classic Reference in Mahogany Antique Cantara goatskin

6. RL Allan KJV Brevier Clarendon wide margin in black highland goatskin

7. RL Allan NKJV Classic Reference in black highland goatskin


list updated 3/6/2014

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