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Logos Now – Bible Software Review

Logos Now is a subscription-based extension to Logos 6. It adds features, tools, media, datasets, etc. These are exclusive to Logos Now. You can see the list at their website. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and here are my thoughts about the features and what it has to offer. Updates and New Features The point of any new software is to get new features. Not only do you get new features, you get the latest updates first. For new and improved features, datasets, and media, you don’t have to wait until the next major release of...

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BibleWorks 10 Review Part 3 – The Analysis Window

In the first part of this review I listed the new features of BibleWorks10 and looked at the Search Widow. In the second part I took a look at the Browse Window. In this part I’ll look at the Analysis Window, which has a few new features of its own. Analysis Window The window on the right side of the screen is the Analysis Window. It’s had a few upgrades and additions. Here’s a look at a few of the new features and some of my most-used and favorite features. Two Windows I like to use two Analysis Windows...

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BibleWorks 10 Review Part 2 – A look at the Browse Window

In the first part of this review I listed the new features of BibleWorks10 and looked at the Search Widow. In this part I take a look at the Browse Window. The Browse window has also gotten a few new features. Here’s a look at its basic functions, what’s new, and how I use it. Browse Window A lot of work can done in the browse window. You can view just a single version (called the search version) or you can see a single verse in parallel using as many translations as you want. My favorite feature is when...

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BibleWorks 10 Review Part 1 – New Features and the Search Window

I’ve been a BibleWorks user for a while. It’s the app I use in all of my writing. All of the Scriptures printed in my books, my personal studies, my sermon prep, and my classroom prep were all taken from BibleWorks. It’s my go-to app for word studies, translation comparisons, and quick searches. You can imagine my excitement when I heard the news about BW10. I looked at BW9 primarily as a writer. My life has changed a lot since then. I’m looking at BW10 as a pastor. Info about the review – I’m breaking this review up into...

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BibleWorks 10 is Here!

I’ve been a BibleWorks user since the 90’s. It’s an amazing program for Bible study – especially in the original languages. It’s the app that I use for all of my writing (all books, blogs, sermon outlines, etc.). Well, now BibleWorks 10 is here with even more features! Here’s a quick list of features: • High-resolution tagged images of the Leningrad Codex • Two new NT manuscript transcriptions • Nestle-Aland GNT 28th Edition • New English Translation of the Septuagint • Danker’s Concise Greek-English Lexicon of the NT • Instant lemma form usage info for Greek and Hebrew • 1,200+ high resolution photos of the Holy...

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