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Logos 7 Review

Logos 7 is a vast scholarly library tied together into a single tool that gives you quick access to commentaries, word studies, lexicons, reference works, the original languages, and media resources. With Logos 7 you can study the Bible on a seminary level. Quickly see commentary from ancient writings or modern scholars. It does research in minutes that would take weeks to do by hand the old fashioned way. The new features in Logos 7 provide sermon prep and study tools that I can’t live without. Click here to buy Logos 7 and you’ll get a 15% discount during the launch...

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BibleWorks Just Released a Major Update for BW10

BibleWorks is a high-end Bible program that specializes in the original languages and includes scan of the manuscripts an dozens of translations in many languages. The free update includes lots of new features including morphology for the Alexandrinus Greek text, the Biblia Hebraica Quinta (8 books), its apparatus to the Stuttgart Original Language OT package, and the Gospel of Thomas (Greek, Coptic, English, etc.) to the Stuttgart Original Language NT package. You can order the Stuttgart Original Language OT and NT packages at the BibleWorks modules page. Owners the Stuttgart NT module will get an update with the full UBS5 apparatus (which includes Discourse Segmentation Apparatus...

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New gloBIBLE coming Summer 2016

GloBible recently went to Kickstarter for a new project to improve the glo Bible app. That project was funded and the all new GloBible is scheduled for release this summer. I’ve used the Glo app on PC for several years and I’m still impressed with how clean it looks. I love reading the Bible without any distractions. Unfortunately most Bible apps include reference and footnote keys within the text. These are great for study but they hinder readability. Glo doesn’t have them. I appreciate that. This makes Glo one of my favorite Bible reading apps. Glo still has notes...

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Preaching and Teaching From a Tablet

For quite a while now I’ve been thinking about using a tablet for preaching. Not as a printed Bible replacement – I still want a printed Bible, but as a sermon notebook. I like the idea of having my sermon on a tablet ready to go. A tablet could make a great sermon notebook. I decided to give it a try. Here’s an overview of the tools I use and why I like them. My goal is to get the features I want and for it to be easy. The hard part should be studying and praying for the...

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