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Hide Highlights and Notes in the Logos Bible App

I like to add lots of highlights and notes the text in Bible apps but I don’t always want to see those highlights and notes. Sometimes I like to see a clean text without my markings or notes to distract me. Many Bible apps have a way to toggle them off or on, but it’s not always easy to find in the Logos app because it has two screens for settings: one for the app and one for the specific Bible or book. Here’s a simple way to hide the highlights in the Logos Bible app for one translation...

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Logos Now – Bible Software Review

Logos Now is a subscription-based extension to Logos 6. It adds features, tools, media, datasets, etc. These are exclusive to Logos Now. You can see the list at their website. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and here are my thoughts about the features and what it has to offer. Updates and New Features The point of any new software is to get new features. Not only do you get new features, you get the latest updates first. For new and improved features, datasets, and media, you don’t have to wait until the next major release of...

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Faithlife Study Bible Review

I recently spent some time with the Faithlife Study Bible app. I’ve used many Bible apps over the years and I didn’t think this one could surprise me. I was wrong! This app has the features that I’ve been looking for! You can read my review of the FSB on the Faithlife blog by clicking here: Bible Buying Guide Reviews Faithlife Study...

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