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GTL Sanford Bible Dry Pencil

I love highlighting in my Bibles. Not all Bibles – I want to keep some of them clean for reading, but for study, teaching, and preaching it can be extremely useful. I’ve tried many pens, pencils, and highlighters over the years and some work much better for Bible paper than others. This requires lots of testing just to see if a pen or marker is usable in a Bible. GT Luscombe solves this problem by providing marking tools that are made specifically for Bibles. In this review I’m taking a look at a Bible highlighting kit called GTL Sanford Bible...

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Zebrite Bible Marking Kit Review

I’m a fan of Bible marking kits. They provide markers, pens, penciles, or highlighters that have already been tested on Bible paper or are specifically designed to mark in Bibles. The latest set that I’ve used is the Zebrite Bible Marking Kit. The kit comes with 4 double-ended highlighters, 1 pen, and a 6 inch ruler. It comes in a case that fits perfectly in a shirt pocket and even has a small pocket for the ruler so the flap will close over the highlighters. The packaging includes a suggested Bible color code and shows that the pen is...

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Accu-Gel Highlighters and Pigma MicronPN – Review

GT Luscombe provides some of the best Bible highlighters available. I typically avoid highlighters because of bleed-through. All products from GT Luscombe are made for marking in Bibles and will not bleed through the paper. There will almost always be some show-through. That’s to be expected when you have paper in the 20-40 gsm (grams per square meter) range. But, you won’t see ink soaking through (or bleeding through) the paper. In this review I’mm taking a look at two products that I think are great for Bible marking – Accu-Gel Highlighters and a new black Pigma Micron marker called...

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