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The Bible on Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a tablet from Amazon that runs on the Android operating system with Amazon’s GUI on top (don’t worry about the tech stuff. It just means it has a solid OS). It’s got some great features and a great platform. What makes it great for Bible study? Glad you asked. There are three good ways to study the Bible using the Kindle Fire: Apps Books Websites Apps Apps are actual programs instead of books. Apps are my favorite way to study the Bible on Kindle. They have features such as split screen, bookmarks (great for memory...

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Coming Soon – Easy Bible Marking Guide Kindle Edition

UPDATE – the book is now available at Amazon. Click here to buy: Easy Bible Marking Guide   Coming soon from Bible Buying Guide is Easy Bible Marking Guide for Kindle. Here’s a quick description of the e-book: Bible marking is an effective inductive Bible study method. Bible marking can be simple or complex. It can be confusing or systematic. It can be haphazard or methodical. To get the most out of Bible marking it is best to be systematic and methodical, but it doesn’t have to be complex. This book will show you how to mark your Bible with...

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Bibles of 2012

2012 saw a lot of amazing Bibles and we reviewed a few of them here at Bible Buying Guide. Here’s a quick look at the 2012 releases and links to our reviews: We started the year with the Cambridge Concord in calf-split leather, a fine specimen of Bible craftsmanship. This is a new cover for the original Concord. It’s much stiffer than calfskin and has a nice pebbly grain. It is a nice size and has a bold 8-point font. The red-letter is sharp and bold. The paper is very nice and opaque. The Concord has a great set of study tools with a glossary and dictionary, making the Concord a fine study and reading Bible.   Hendrickson released the AW Tozer Bible that included over 500 selections from 40 volumes of writings from 20th century writer AW Tozer. Tozer’s writings are presented in three categories called On Scripture, Reflections, and Challenges. The AW Tozer Bible can be used as a study Bible and devotional Bible.   New Leaf Press released the Henry Morris Study Bible, a large print study Bible with the focus on young earth creationism from the writings of Henry Morris. It includes commentary with a focus on creation and 22 appendixes that cover creation, science, the flood, the Bible, and more.   One of our most popular reviews was the Cambridge Clarion ESV. It follows the layout design of...

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End-Time Study Guide – Kindle Edition

End-Time Study Guide A Compilation of Scripture References on the End-Time is now available for Kindle for .99. Here’s the description from Amazon: With the world in turmoil, it definitely looks like the world will end soon. The Bible has a lot to say about the end of time. In fact, almost 30% of Scripture is prophetic. Why this study guide? Scriptures on the end-time are scattered throughout the Bible. Not everything that happens in the end-time is found in one book, such as the book of Revelation, so just reading one book doesn’t give you the complete picture of the end-time. The Scriptures have to be rightly divided (2 Tim. 2:15). While this book doesn’t give you every verse on an end-time topic, it does give the basis and foundation of the end-time events. Each section includes a short introduction to the topic and a topical heading in outline form. This study guide takes the “Futurist” view. That is, everything from Revelation chapter 4 on to the end is still future events. Theologically, this book is pre-trib (the rapture takes place before the tribulation), and pre-millennial (the tribulation takes place before the millennium). Scripture should never be taken out of context in order to prove a belief or a doctrine. I believe the teachings of the Scriptures in this book are clear and are in their proper context. This...

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The Greek English Parallel New Testament ESV from Crossway Review

The Greek-English Parallel New Testament from Crossway combines the ESV (English Standard Version) 2011 edition and Nestle-Aland 27th edition Greek text in a single parallel volume. It is available for both nook and Kindle. In this review I am using the Kindle edition, although the nook edition is practically identical with the primary difference being nook’s navigation. Features include: Preface to the ESV Section headings Cross-references Footnotes Paragraph format How-to guide The layout looks great. First is the verse in Greek and then under the Greek verse is the same verse in English. The English verses have links to references (letters) and footnotes (numbers). Both texts retain formatting, so both texts include paragraph format and centered text for Old Testament quotes. The section headings help readability. The fonts are crisp and easy to read. I am especially impressed with how nice the Greek text looks. The Greek text even includes the accent marks. Navigation is simple. The Table of Contents contains links to Articles and Resources, and The New Testament. Each book of the NT has both the Greek and English names for the books. Select the book you want and you’re taken to a screen where you can select the chapter you want. Select the chapter and you’re there. It’s very fast and smooth. You can also go directly to any verse (this requires a menu button). Click...

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