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Awesome Science The Grand Canyon DVD and Study Guide

Awesome Science is a video series from Master Books that give lots of good information in an easy to understand manner in just 30 minutes per episode. The science is easy to follow, but not shallow. Even though the host is a young boy, the information will appeal to children and adults alike. The first video in the series covers The Grand Canyon. I was wondering how another video on the Grand Canyon could provide any more information than what has already been done- especially in just 30 minutes. This video on the Grand Canyon is by far the best I’ve seen. There is more information in this 30-minute video than in other videos that top an hour or more. Also, I’ve seen many videos on the Grand Canyon and there was information in this one that I have never heard before. There is also a 34 page study guide available with lots of study activities including fill-in-the-blanks (from a list of choices), discussion questions, true/false, scientific summaries and examples, bonus activities, and a conclusion. I highly recommend Awesome Science The Grand Canyon DVD with Study Guide for both children and adults. The Awesome Science DVD series is one of my favorite resources for Creation and science information.   New Leaf Publishing provided this DVD free for review. Bible Buying Guide was not required to give a positive review....

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Is the Bible Reliable, Tyndale Publishing TrueU Series Volume 2

Is the Bible Reliable? building the historical case from Tyndale Publishing is a 2-DVD and book set from the creators of Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project. This is the second set in the TrueU series. The DVDs include five hours of classroom lectures which covers 10 lessons on archaeological finds and how those finds correlate to events in the Bible, showing the Bible to be accurate and reliable through external corroboration. The book is a companion to the lectures and includes questions from the lectures, archaeological facts, photos of archaeological artifacts, interviews with archaeologists, a glossary for each chapter, lots of fun cartoons, and more. The lectures are given by Dr. Stephen Meyer. They are well delivered and filled with fascinating information. Meyer uses visuals and shows what we find in Scripture, and then shows external archaeological evidence that backs up the Bibles’ claims. Meyer delivers strong evidence that the Bible is reliable from an archaeological standpoint. The companion guide is meant to help guide you through the lectures. It does contain some facts and photos, but there’s not enough in it to use as a carry-with-me defender’s guide. The real strength in this series is the DVD lectures. You’ll want to watch it several times and I recommend taking notes to build your own defender’s guide. I recommend Is the Bible Reliable? DVD set, as I...

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