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Mount St. Helens Modern Day Evidence for the Worldwide Flood – Review

Mount St. Helens Modern Day Evidence for the Worldwide Flood is a DVD from Awesome Science Media. It’s hosted by Steve Austin on location at Mount St. Helens and several other surrounding locations. It has a runtime 36 minutes. Mount St. Helens was a small to average volcano and it still produced an explosion the equivalent of 440 million tons TNT. That’s like setting off one atomic bomb per second for 9 hours. What’s worse is history has much larger volcanos. For example Yellowstone has much larger and created the lake at Yellowstone. These volcanos can explain why the...

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The Heavens Declare Episode 1

The Heavens Declare is a 13-part series from Kyle Justice and family at Awesome Science Media that shows evidence that the universe was created by God a few thousand years ago. Disc 1 includes discussions from several experts in the field of Creation Science that talk about the various world views and how those world views inform scientific interpretation. Buy from Amazon | Buy from Awesome Science Media Experts include: Don DeYoung – Professor and Physicist at Grace College, CRS Russ Humphreys – Physicist and Cosmologist at Creation Research Society Danny Faulkner – Astronomer, Answers in Genesis Jason Lisle...

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