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ICRS – The Christian Action Heroes Booth

Christian Action Heroes produces comicbooks and graphic novels with a message. Just like real life, the characters are not perfect and sometimes make bad choices. This opens up the story-telling to moral lessons based on biblical principles. The characters are Faith Walker and the First-Watch. Maybe you could call it a Christian Avengers. Relevant Magazine calls it “The #1 Christian Superhero.” I’m reviewing a graphic novel called The Art of Warfare. There’s also merchandise available including trading cards, coloring books, an action figure, and even curriculum. The heroes are even available for live action performances. Clint Johnson is the...

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Rose Publishing’s How We Got the Bible Review

Rose Publishing’s How We Got the Bible is a 189-page book from Timothy Paul Jones that shows where the Bible came from and why it contains the books that it does. Dr. Jones takes this a step further by discussing why we have the Bible in the first place, which is something most never mention. It not only covers the historical events of writing the Scriptures but also shows how God spoke to others before the Scriptures were written, how He speaks through His creation, and as the Word made Flesh. He shows that God speaks to us through...

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Why Dogs Are… Review

Why Dogs Are… is written by Tana Thompson and illustrated by Marita Gentry. It’s a short story about God sending the first dog from Heaven to a little boy named Brian. Brian’s blind and deaf so God can’t show him how much he loves him through the things around him, like rainbows and bird’s songs. He sends Dog to love the boy and to teach him two things: to love without expecting anything in return, and to forgive those who hurt him. The story’s told half in pictures and the artwork is very pretty. In 2014 it was a...

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100 Names of God Daily Devotional

Rose Publishing’s 100 Names of God Daily Devotional by Christopher D. Hudson is unique among devotionals. Rather than focusing on life concepts it focuses on 100 names, titles, and descriptions of God. The text is presented on textured backgrounds that include pictures of nature. I’m reviewing the PDF version. It’s also available in print. Devotions Each devotion starts with the name or title of God in Hebrew or Greek. Next it provides a key verse that uses the name or title. Then it has a devotion (around a page or more). The devotions talk about what the name or...

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For the Joy Set Before Us – Review

I enjoy books written by missionaries about the missionary life. There’s something about the work that intrigues me. I love and appreciate the stories, the hardships, the methods, and the cost. For the Joy Set Before Us – insights into the missionary journey is a book about missionary work by a missionary to Uganda – Erica Fye. She tells of the joys and challenges of missionary work and gives lots of advice along the way. I’m reviewing the Kindle edition. Erica talks about her journey that took her into the mission field. She talks about the missionary life and...

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