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Noah: Man of Destiny Review

I recently finished reading Noah: Man of Destiny by Tim Chaffey & K. Marie Adams.  Since the Bible doesn’t say much about Noah before he started building the Ark the writers have speculated about what his life would have been like. This is Book 1 of The Remnant Trilogy and covers about 8 years of his early life. It starts with him living with his parents and working on their farm but dreaming of a chance to apprentice as a wooodworker. He gets his chance at his coming of age party but not the way he expected. Instead of working with...

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The New Answers Book 4 – Review

This is the fourth installment in Master Books popular and well written New Answers Book series. Written by many different authors (including Bodie Hodge, Dr. David Menton, Dr. Andrew A. Snelling, Dr. Georgia Purdom, and more) and edited by Ken Ham it answers 30 more questions in the Creation/Evolution debate.

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Don’t Miss the Boat by Paul Taylor – Review

In his new book, Don’t Miss the Boat – Facts to Keep Your Faith Afloat, Paul Taylor looks at the flood of Noah from several standpoints including the Bible, history, and science. He gives many proofs to help build your faith in the Word of God and strengthen readers to defend this truth. Taylor digs deep into Genesis chapter 6-8 He breaks the chapters down into sections a provides commentary, quoting from many writers such as John Calvin, John Gill, Matthew Henry, John Bunyon, and others. The topics he discusses include the world before the flood, the sons of God and the daughters of men, the flood prophesied, giants, wickedness of men, God’s wrath on man’s wickedness, what it means for God to repent and God’s grace, the ark, Noah’s faith, the flood itself, God’s activity during the flood and remembering Noah, the rainbow, God’s covenant with Noah, what the world was like after the flood, and more. Taylor looks at the history of ancient civilizations and their flood legends and shows evidence from post-flood civilizations that the Bible is authentic. He also looks at the history of our society and shows why our society as a whole has stopped believing in the flood. He covers many scientific points that support the flood and shows that study and position of Creation science is valid. He also discusses Creation scientists...

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World Literature by James Stobaugh Review

World Literature: Cultural Influences of Early to Contemporary Voices by James P. Stobaugh is a very complete literature course but it is not for everyone. It is designed to help students “Think Critically, Write Articulately, and Live Biblically.” It counts as two full High School level credits (both writing and literature) and uses a Classical Education and Whole Book approach with a biblical worldview. There is a World History course by Stobaugh published by Master Books that is designed to be easily combined with this one for a third credit. It is divided into 34 chapters having 5 daily...

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Awesome Science Explore Mount St. Helens DVD and Study Guide Review

I’ve seen many Creation videos on Mount St. Helens. I was convinced that there wouldn’t be anything new on tis DVD. I am very glad that I was wrong. Like all Awesome Science DVD’s, this episode gives more information in a shorter amount of time, and gives information that I’ve not seen anywhere else. May 18, 1980, at 8:32 am, Mount St. Helens in state of Washington erupted, causing the largest landslide in modern history. For the next nine hours, the volcano released the explosive power equivalent to one atomic bomb every second. This catastrophic event reshaped the surrounding...

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