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Saving the Bible from Ourselves – Review

In his book Saving the Bible from Ourselves, from IVP Books, Glenn R. Paauw discusses the problems with our Bibles. He makes a strong case that the design of our Bibles actually hurt our understanding and comprehension and keep us from doing the number one thing we should be doing with the Bible- reading it. Paauw raises two questions: 1, what is the Bible? 2, what are we supposed to do with it? He seeks to demonstrate the answer to these questions by discussing seven Bibles (some are actually ways we use the Bible) and discusses the problems and...

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How I changed my mind about Evolution Review

How I changed my about Evolution: Evangelicals Reflect on Faith and Science is a collection of stories about people who embrace both evolution and faith in God and the Bible. In 25 “minimemoirs” it tries to help you understand how people could reconcile the two views. The book is well written. They have done a good job of representing different starting points and varying occupations that would find this topic a major concern. They have writers that start by believing in both (with an unclear idea of how), either,  and even (because they hadn’t given it much thought) neither....

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Story Shaped Worship by Robbie F. Castleman – Review

Story Shaped Worship – Following Patterns from The Bible and History by Robbie F. Castleman asks what is the right way to worship? Even though I don’t agree with Mrs. Castleman completely doctrinally and attend a church with a less formal liturgy than the standard she presents I think she’s done a good job of answering that question.               Castleman has done a very thorough study of the Bible and church services throughout history. The book is written on a scholarly level but is still accessible to the common lay person. She points...

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One Bible Many Versions by Dave Brunn – Review

One Bible, Many Versions – Are all Translations Created Equal? By Dave Brunn is a scholarly approach to Bible translations that looks at what makes a translation faithful to the original manuscripts, answers why we need more than one translation, and shows why there is no one perfect translation that trumps all others. Brunn set out on a journey to translate the Bible into Lamogai and made some startling discoveries about word-for-word and thought-for-thought translations. I’ve always made the assumption that word-for-word, or literal, translations translated words more accurately and that thought-for-thought translations translated words based more on what...

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Intelligent Design Uncensored by William A. Dembski and Jonathan Witt

Intelligent Design Uncensored, An Easy-to-Understand Guide to the Controversy by William A. Dembski and Jonathan Witt describes what intelligent design really is. The purpose of the book is to define intelligent design and debunk any misconceptions using scientific research. The authors show why the universe and everything in it seem to be designed by answering the question, are the things of nature the product of mindless forces alone, or did creative reason play a role? They build an argument for intelligent design using science and logic in a way that is easy to follow and understand. They give many examples and analogies that make sense, giving the reader a solid foundation in the concepts of intelligent design. The science in this book includes many references to other writings such as Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box and Dembski’s own Design Inference, among many others. Scientific topics include problems with Darwinism, the laws of probability, and shows research by many scientists. The logical arguments build on fallacious analogies that work really well to demonstrate the point. For example, someone seeing Mount Rushmore and coming to the conclusion that it is a natural phenomenon. Other examples used include The Grand Canyon and the shape of Mona Lisa painted into grass. These examples show logical conclusions of something that looks designed. The book includes current research by design theorists that shows original research...

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