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Faith Walker and the First-Watch: The Art of Warfare – Graphic Novel Review

Faith Walker is a Christian comic book from Clint D. Johnson with the goal of providing super hero stories with a Christian worldview. Aimed at the 7-15 year-old age group, Faith Walker and the First-Watch: The Art of Warfare is a team-up of super-powered characters with the goal of defeating Major Conflict – a war veteran that was left behind in the heat of battle. The story has lots of characters and even a twist or two. The characters have a strong Christian mindset and this helps provide applicable biblical lessons that are interweaved into the story. For example,...

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Kingstone Comics Noah – Review

Graphic novelizations of the Bible are becoming more popular than ever. One of the companies leading this trend is Kingstone Comics. Kingstone Comics produces comics and graphic novels, and they even produce the complete Bible in three large volumes. In this review I take a look at a single comic book simply titled Noah. The story is a graphic novelization of Noah. It of course takes some artistic license rather than being word-for-word from the Bible (hence the ‘novelization’). This helps show the culture of the time and show the types of things Noah and his sons dealt with....

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ICRS – The Christian Action Heroes Booth

Christian Action Heroes produces comicbooks and graphic novels with a message. Just like real life, the characters are not perfect and sometimes make bad choices. This opens up the story-telling to moral lessons based on biblical principles. The characters are Faith Walker and the First-Watch. Maybe you could call it a Christian Avengers. Relevant Magazine calls it “The #1 Christian Superhero.” I’m reviewing a graphic novel called The Art of Warfare. There’s also merchandise available including trading cards, coloring books, an action figure, and even curriculum. The heroes are even available for live action performances. Clint Johnson is the...

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