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The Reformation: What You Need to Know and Why – Review

The Reformation: What You Need to Know and Why from Hendrickson is a book about the Reformation in the Lausanne Library by Michael Reeves and John Stott. It’s a short book at 100 pages and small enough to fit into a pocket, but it gives an excellent overview of the key events and people of the Reformation. It includes two major sections written by the authors and several supporting documents including a pre-Reformation hymn from the 1300’s by Bianco de Siena and translated by Richard Frederick Littledale. The Forward was written by Lindsay Brown. Reformation Timeline The timeline is almost...

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Leadership Beyond Rank and Power Review

Leadership Beyond Rank and Power is part of the Theology or Work study series called The Bible and Your Work. The focus of this book is dealing with reconciling the demands of your workplace with your values and faith. The book uses Paul’s letter to Philemon and takes a topical look at leadership and how it relates to rank and power, and even beyond that to justice and mercy. _______________________________________ Available at Amazon _______________________________________ Theology of Work The mission of Theology of Work Project is to study what the Bible says about work and learn how to apply our...

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10 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Bible Review

I just finished reading Shana Noel’s new book 10 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Bible and Stay in Love. Dayspring provided this book free for review. I was not required to give a positive review – only an honest one. All opinions are my own.  Many of you may already know that Shanna is the fonder and owner of Illustrated Faith, one of the largest online Bible journaling communities. Her enthusiasm for God’s Word and journaling is easy to see now but this book explains it wasn’t always that way for her. This book won’t tell you...

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Noah: Man of Destiny Review

I recently finished reading Noah: Man of Destiny by Tim Chaffey & K. Marie Adams.  Since the Bible doesn’t say much about Noah before he started building the Ark the writers have speculated about what his life would have been like. This is Book 1 of The Remnant Trilogy and covers about 8 years of his early life. It starts with him living with his parents and working on their farm but dreaming of a chance to apprentice as a wooodworker. He gets his chance at his coming of age party but not the way he expected. Instead of working with...

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Saving the Bible from Ourselves – Review

In his book Saving the Bible from Ourselves, from IVP Books, Glenn R. Paauw discusses the problems with our Bibles. He makes a strong case that the design of our Bibles actually hurt our understanding and comprehension and keep us from doing the number one thing we should be doing with the Bible- reading it. Paauw raises two questions: 1, what is the Bible? 2, what are we supposed to do with it? He seeks to demonstrate the answer to these questions by discussing seven Bibles (some are actually ways we use the Bible) and discusses the problems and...

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