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NIV Note-Taker’s Bible – Review

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of wide margin Bibles. They promote Bible study and having your own notes is better than having someone else’s commentary. They also (hopefully) have better paper and print than the regular everyday Bible. One such Bible is the new NIV Note-Taker’s Bible from Zondervan. Pros Nice paper for writing Clean text Cons No inside margin Features 2011 NIV text Black-letter 1.25 Wide outside margin 1 3/8 Wide bottom margin Hard Cover Section headings 2 column Paragraph format Translation notes Table of Weights and Measures 1140 pages 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.25 ISBN:...

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The Books of the Bible NIV – Review

The Books of the Bible is a Bible that was developed for a unique reading experience. It contains no chapter or verse numbers – just the text. It’s also arranged differently than the standard book arrangement. The books are arranged by literary form. Pros Designed for reading in the original literary forms Cons Book order difficult to get used to Features 2011 NIV Single column Paragraph format Poetry in verse format Books arranged by literary form Black letter 10/12 font End notes 1908 pages 9.25 x 6.5 x 1.5 ISBN: 9780310400578 Cover and Binding This edition is hard cover...

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Greek for the Rest of Us 2nd Edition – Review

Greek for the Rest of Us 2nd Edition by Bill Mounce is a crash course for learning Biblical Greek. It covers the foundation of the Greek language and teaches you how to use the many Greek study tools to deepen your Bible study. The book is divided into three parts: Foundational Greek (covers enough Greek to use software, Strong’s, and word studies), Church Greek (more Greek and how to use a reverse interlinear and commentaries), and Functional Greek (more Greek, how to use a traditional interlinear, and go deeper with commentaries). The three divisions allow you to use this...

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Zondervan’s NIV Quickview Bible Review

The NIV Quickview Bible from Zondervan is unique among study Bibles. Rather than being filled with note after note of commentary (which is usually just text), the Quickview Bible provides information in a way that the majority of people learn – visually. The Quickview Bible provides visual snapshots of key passages and stories, providing visual information to go with the Biblical text, making the information more understandable. Pros Great visuals Plenty of facts Cons No references No concordance Basic Features 2011 NIV text 360 full-color infographics 20 in-text maps Color-coded sections Section headings Black-letter Study helps Hard cover with jacket 1108 pages 9.75 x 6.75 x 1.25 ISBN: 978-0-310-44230-1 Cover and Binding This Bible is only available in hard cover (and e-book, but that one doesn’t have a binding). It has a jacket that explanations the purpose of this edition. The cover is a portion of Matthew 5 and the infographic of the Sermon on the Mount. Removing the jacket reveals a shiny blue hard cover that simply says Holy Bible, NIV, and Zondervan. The binding is glued. It feels well-made. Paper, Text, and Layout The paper looks and feels like the paper that’s popular in study Bibles today. It does have some show-through. Most of the time it didn’t seem too distracting, especially with all of the graphics covering the pages. The font looks around an 8-point with...

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Archaeological Study Bible

The Archaeological Study Bible from Zondervan is one of the finest study Bibles available. It is free from Theological influence and gives insights on the culture of Biblical times. It also contains many archaeological facts that help defend the Bible as the Word of God. The Archaeological Study Bible is a must-have volume for your Bible study library. It is available in KJV and NIV.   NIV Archaeological Study Bible Renaissance Fine Leather, Venetian Brown 1984An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture, The NIV Archaeological Study Bible sheds new light on the Bible. From the beginnings of Genesis to the end of Revelation, this new study Bible is filled with informative articles and full-color photographs of places and objects that will open your eyes to the historical context of the stories you read and the people you meet in Scripture. From kings and empires to weapons of war to clay pots used for carrying water, the archaeological record surrounding God’s Word will help contextualize and inform your personal study.Features: 4-color interior throughout Bottom of page study notes highlight and add further explanation to passages that speak onarchaeological or cultural facts included in the Scripture Articles (520) covering one of the following five categories: Archaeological Sites (Hazor, Ugarit, Arad, Ephesus) Cultural and Historical Notes (ancient seals and scarabs, perfume and anointing, the missionary journeys of Paul) Ancient Peoples and...

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