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ICRS – The TBS Booth

Here’s a look at the Bibles in the Trinitarian Bible Society booth. One interesting thing about TBS Bibles (several reviews coming soon btw) is that all of them, even the pocket size vinyl editions, are sewn. I will admit to touching that Windsor and Royal Ruby more than once. My two favorite Bibles (Westminster and Family Bible) were both present. I got to take a look at the pulpit Bible, Hebrew and Greek Bible, Royal Ruby, Compact Pitt Minion, a devotional called Daily Light, and several others. Their newest edition is a Spanish New Testament. One of the translators...

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Compact Westminster Coming Soon from TBS

Coming soon (release date tbd, stay tuned) from Trinitarian Bible Society – a compact edition of the Westminster. It will be 70% of the size of the regular edition. It’s currently out for printing. I’ll post updates as I get them. I received these sample sheets at the 2015 ICRS (I’m now allowed to discuss it), so they’re a little worn, but this will give you an idea of the size comparison. I would love to see the Westminster in large print. If you would too, tell them on their contact...

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TBS Comfort Text Bible – Review

The TBS Comfort Text is a licensed reprint of the Collins Iona Clear Type Octavo from 1957. It’s a text-only KJV in hard cover with 2 ribbons. It comes in black or brown. I’m reviewing the brown which has two brown ribbons to fit the color scheme. ISBN: 9781862283473. Binding The Comfort Text is a hard cover edition that’s covered in brown vinyl. The brown is about a medium-dark with gold lettering stamped into the cover and spine. The vinyl provides a nice grainy texture. I love the way it looks and feels. It’s sewn and includes decorative head...

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