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Schuyler NKJV is Available for Preorder

Schuyler’s high-quality NKJV edition is now available for preorder from Here’s the information from their site: The Schuyler NKJV will be available in January 2013. It will be a single column paragraph format Bible ~ available in Cantara Goatskin.  It will have the sewn binding, art-gilt edges, edge-lined, black letter text, and will have 3 ribbon markers.  It will contain color maps, concordance, and presentation pages.  Printed and bound in the Netherlands will assure that this edition tops the New King James quality and durability charts. Here is a PDF of the interior.  More photos will come when they are available. considers this...

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Schuyler ESV Bible’s in Stock

All Schuyler ESV Bible’s are now in stock! The Schuyler looks to be an extremely high quality Bible that will last a lifetime. Here’s more information from their site: Basic Features: Goatskin in Black and Dark Brown The SCHUYLER Bible will be edge lined & will be hand stitched around its perimeter. 3 Ribbon Markers Trim size (Paper size – not with binding) of 6.25″ x 9.15″ Font size of 9.5 Thickness: 1.25″ Margin Size – .80” Art Gilt Edges (Red Under Gold) Smyth-Sewn Binding “Holy Bible” Inside Typeface and format (PDF) Exclusive Photos 2011 ESV Text. Printed and Bound in the Netherlands by Jongbloed Paper Weight:  32 grams per square meter (slightly more opaque than the Allan Longprimer & 50% more opaque than the Cambridge Clarion Series)...

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Schuyler Bibles Update

Schuyler Bible’s beautiful ESV edition is set to release on October 14! Here’s the information from their site: SCHUYLER (pronounced Skyler)is a Dutch family name of the founder of  The name, Schuyler has its origin from the Dutch  “schuilen” which means “shelter.”   “Let me take refuge under the shelter of your wings!”  Psalm 61.4 This first Schuyler Bible will be printed and bound in the Netherlands in one of the finest book binderies in Europe, Jongbloed. Schuyler Bibles establishes a new level of quality in Bible binding.  Its basic precept is quality and durability in every aspect of the Bible.  Schuyler looks at all the aspects of Bible Binding to produce a Bible that represents the highest quality in binding, materials, craftsmanship & legibility.  The first Schuyler Bible will have all parts of this equation: Materials, Binding, Craftsmanship & the all important Legibility. Below:  The Schuyler ESV – available on Oct....

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Coming Soon – Schuyler Bibles

The world of Bible publishing is about to see a new level of quality. Schuyler Bibles, from, will represent the highest quality in binding, materials, craftsmanship & legibility.  The first Schuyler Bibles will be printed and bound Jongbloed, one of the finest book binderies in the Netherlands. The first Schuyler Bible will be an ESV, due to be released in June. The Schuyler ESV will be quickly followed in September by the Schuyler NKJV.   Here is the information of the ESV from Our first edition will contain the ESV translation in 2 Versions: With and Without...

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