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Using the Westminster Reference Bible

My favorite KJV reference Bible is the Westminster. The TBS edition of the Westminster is one of the only two Bibles that my wife claimed before I could see them. She carries the TBS edition in calf skin and I carry both the TBS in hard cover and the Schuyler edition in goatskin. Both are outstanding Bibles. I’ve written detailed reviews of each edition. Here are some of the reasons I like it and a quick look at how I use it. Reviews For more detail on each edition, see my reviews: TBS Calf skin Schuyler goatskin Hard cover...

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Schuyler ESV Quentel Bible – Review

Schuyler’s high-end line of Bibles, the Quentel, now has a new edition – the ESV. The Quentel was designed to be the most elegant Bible on the market. It’s one of those extremely rare cases (especially in modern day publishing) when elegance and beauty are placed above size and price. In this review I take a close look at its features and see if it lives up to the hype. The edition I’m reviewing is the Imperial Blue with blue under silver art-gilt edges and gold stamping on the spine. Pros Large print Thick, opaque paper Goatskin cover Elegant...

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Schuyler NKJV in Fire Brick Red – Review

The New King James version is one of my favorites but it falls short when it comes to premium editions. Schuyler’s edition has always intrigued me. It’s a reprint of the Nelson single-column paragraph edition. When Schuyler released a second edition I decided it was time to review it. Pros Jongbloed Goatskin leather Nice paper Large font Cons Line-matching incomplete Features NKJV 8 presentation pages Goatskin leather Leather lined Sewn binding 32 GSM paper 10.5 font Black letter Single-column paragraph Translation notes Concordance 16 pages for notes 8 pages of maps 4 ribbons Art-gilt red under gold 9.75 x...

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Single Column Legacy Heirloom Comparisons

Crossway’s Single Column Legacy is the latest edition to receive the Heirloom treatment. Here are some photos’s that compare it to other Bibles in goatskin or similar sizes. These photos compare it to Crossway’s original Single Column Legacy, Cambridge ESV Clarion and Concord, R.L. Allan Longprimer, and Schuyler KJV and NKJV. Obviously not an exhaustive list, but it should be enough to help get the idea. Crossway’s Single Column Legacy       Cambridge ESV Clarion     Cambridge Concord   R.L. Allan Longprimer   Schuyler KJV   Schuyler NKJV (review coming soon)...

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Schuyler Bibles’ Quentel NASB Bible: The Very Best You Can Get

In a world where quality continues to plummet, Schuyler Bibles has set a new standard of excellence both in product and service. If I managed a Bible publisher I would definitely pay close attention to Schuyler Bibles. So what makes a Schuyler Quentel so great? There are a few answers to that question, and to show why the Quentel is, deservedly, the best you can buy, we will also take a look at the other premium Bibles that I own, the NASB In Touch Ministries Edition Note Takers Bible (Foundation Publications), the NASB Side Column Reference Bible (Foundation Publications)...

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