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A Brief Review of the Allan Longprimer 52i

Guest review by John Maheu. This is a review of the Longprimer in Black Buttero Calfskin with thumb index (52i). The fonts, text block and everything related to the text is identical to the traditional Longprimer. There are numerous reviews of this available on the internet so I will avoid repeating it. Although this version is based on the popular Longprimer 53 there are a few important differences. First, the goatskin is replaced with calfskin. Second, the full-yapp becomes a semi-yapp and there is an option for a thumb index which this version has. There are two ribbons in...

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Cameo vs Brevier Clarendon

Two of my favorite hand-sized Bibles are the Cambridge Cameo and RL Allan Brevier Clarendon (click their name to see the reviews). Both are amazing Bibles. If you were buying one, which would you choose? Where to buy: Cameo Click here to buy from Amazon: Cambridge Cameo Brevier Clarendon Click here to buy from Bibles-Direct: Brevier Clarendon in Brown Vachetta Calfskin Click here to buy from EvangelicalBible: Brevier Clarendon in Brown Vachetta Calfskin   Both Bibles are about the same size. I’m not comparing their covers since my review copies have different covers. The Cameo on the left has goatskin...

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Single Column Legacy Heirloom Comparisons

Crossway’s Single Column Legacy is the latest edition to receive the Heirloom treatment. Here are some photos’s that compare it to other Bibles in goatskin or similar sizes. These photos compare it to Crossway’s original Single Column Legacy, Cambridge ESV Clarion and Concord, R.L. Allan Longprimer, and Schuyler KJV and NKJV. Obviously not an exhaustive list, but it should be enough to help get the idea. Crossway’s Single Column Legacy       Cambridge ESV Clarion     Cambridge Concord   R.L. Allan Longprimer   Schuyler KJV   Schuyler NKJV (review coming soon)...

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R. L. Allan Brevier Clarendon – Review

I previously reviewed RL Allan’s wide margin edition of the Brevier Clarendon, so I thought it would be nice to take a look at the regular edition. This is a true hand-size Bible with enough punch to serve as a primary Bible for both the layman and the minister. The edition I’m reviewing is the brown Vachetta calfskin – 10CBR. Pros Cyclopedic concordance Printed and bound by Jongbloed Cons Paper is thin Features KJV Epistle dedicatory Brown Vachetta Calfskin Sewn binding Ultrathin paper 8-point font Black letter Center-column references with notes Chapter summaries Page summaries Cyclopedic concordance Index to...

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