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Bibles of 2012

2012 saw a lot of amazing Bibles and we reviewed a few of them here at Bible Buying Guide. Here’s a quick look at the 2012 releases and links to our reviews: We started the year with the Cambridge Concord in calf-split leather, a fine specimen of Bible craftsmanship. This is a new cover for the original Concord. It’s much stiffer than calfskin and has a nice pebbly grain. It is a nice size and has a bold 8-point font. The red-letter is sharp and bold. The paper is very nice and opaque. The Concord has a great set of study tools with a glossary and dictionary, making the Concord a fine study and reading Bible.   Hendrickson released the AW Tozer Bible that included over 500 selections from 40 volumes of writings from 20th century writer AW Tozer. Tozer’s writings are presented in three categories called On Scripture, Reflections, and Challenges. The AW Tozer Bible can be used as a study Bible and devotional Bible.   New Leaf Press released the Henry Morris Study Bible, a large print study Bible with the focus on young earth creationism from the writings of Henry Morris. It includes commentary with a focus on creation and 22 appendixes that cover creation, science, the flood, the Bible, and more.   One of our most popular reviews was the Cambridge Clarion ESV. It follows the layout design of...

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KJV Bible App for Kindle Miklal Software Solutions Review

I love e-readers, but in general, Bibles on e-readers are difficult to use. That’s because e-books are developed with the idea of reading one page at a time, in order, with no reason to jump around. This works great for fiction. It even works fine for most non-fiction, but for reference works and the Bible, e-readers need something more. They need to run the Bible as an app. I’ve used apps for PDA’s and smartphone’s for years and that’s exactly what the Kindle needs to make the Bible usable. Bible apps give us features like book and verse selection screens, the book and chapter at the top of the screen, highlighting, bookmarks, annotations, and powerful searching. That’s what Miklal Software’s KJV Bible App for Kindle is. It’s an app that works like Bibles found on smartphones, tablets, and PC’s. It has usability you can’t get in just a standard Kindle e-book. Here are some of its strengths: Easy navigation Bookmarking Annotations Powerful searches Highlighting Book and chapter shows at the top of the screen I really love the navigation. I go from one book to another a lot and this app makes it fast and easy. Just go to the navigation screen, select the book, select the chapter, and select the verse. Simple. Just like a Bible app should be. The searches are amazing. There are several ways to...

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Miklal Software Solutions KJV Strong’s Bible for nook

Miklal Software Solutions KJV Bible with Strong’s markup is another fine Bible study tool for your nook. Every word has the Strong’s number after it so you can easily navigate to any word in the Hebrew or Greek dictionaries. The numbers are smaller and offset from the regular text, so they are not too distracting for regular reading. Navigation is easy and intuitive, making it easy to find any word you need. For example, I searched for the Greek word ‘logos’. I tried this several ways. The first method I used was to select the word on the screen in the Bible text. I opened the Table of Contents and selected New Testament. Then I selected 1 John. From there, I moved the cursor down to the word ‘Word’ and hit the enter key. This took me to the entry for logos. Another method is to search for Strong’s number (in this case 3051 in the Greek dictionary). To search for something in the Greek dictionary, type a ‘g’ (and ‘h’ for Hebrew) and then the Strong’s number. Select ‘Find’ and enter the Strong’s number g3051. This took me to entry 3051 in the Greek dictionary. This is a very powerful study Bible. With its ease of use, easy readability, and Strong’s numbers and dictionaries, Miklal Software Solutions KJV Strong’s Bible is a must-own study Bible for nook.  ...

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Miklal Software Solutions King James Version for nook

Miklal Software Solutions’ KJV for nook is one of the simplest and easiest Bibles to use for nook. With great looking text and top-notch navigation, it is a must-own edition of the King James Version. I like the way Miklal Software Solutions develops Bibles. They approach a Bible with ease of use in mind. This edition continues that strong effort. The text is the 1769 edition and contains both Old and New Testaments. There are four ways to navigate through the Bible. You can use the interactive table of contents, you can scroll through a list of chapters in the book of the Bible you want to read, you can use the slider to go to a page, or you can go directly to a verse using the search function. The search function is simple to use. Type in the name (or abbreviation of the name) of the book, followed by a space, the chapter number, a space, and the verse number. For example, typing ps 119 105 will take you to Psalm 119:105. Not many Bibles work as well as this one. Reading most Bibles on e-readers is more of a hassle than a joy. Not so with Miklal Software Solutions’ KJV. It’s easy to navigate and simple to use- making it a great Bible for daily use. With its ease of navigation and great text, Miklal Software...

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Hebrew English Parallel Bible for nook from Miklal Software Solutions

Miklal Software Solutions’ Hebrew/English Parallel Bible for nook is a well-formatted and easy to navigate parallel Bible for nook. It contains the Leningrad Codex Hebrew text and the Jewish Publication Society’s 1917 English translation. Each verse is presented in Hebrew (or Aramaic) and then English is printed directly under it, creating the Hebrew/English parallel. The Hebrew text looks great. It reads from right to left and includes all of the consonants, vowels, and marks. The English text looks and reads well. Navigation is excellent. Aside from the standard nook navigation, you can navigate directly to a verse by typing the abbreviation for the verse, followed by the chapter number, a space, and then the verse number in the Find box. For example, to navigate to Psalms 119:105 you would type: ps 119 105 In the current version this only works while moving forward. In order to get around this, simply go to an earlier book and then type your search. Like all Miklal Software Solutions products, the Hebrew/English Parallel Bible for nook is an excellent value. The text looks great and navigation is easy. This is a good addition to the library of anyone that is interested in the Hebrew Scriptures. I recommend Hebrew English Parallel Bible from Miklal Software Solutions.     Miklal Software Solutions provided this review copy for free. I was not required to give a...

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