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LCBP Paragraph Bible – Review

There are not many single-column paragraph KJV’s on the market. When a new one comes along I take notice. I long for a layout that sets the text in a pretty layout. That’s something the KJV almost never gets. It doesn’t have to have section headings, references, or even verse numbers. Recently I’ve wanted a paragraph KJV without verse numbers. I don’t always want markings that slow down readability and comprehension. Local Church Bible Publishers’ latest Bible is a single-column paragraph in large print with no verse numbers. It costs $57. Let’s take a look. UPDATE – After posting...

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Cambridge Cameo vs LCBP 120

The Cameo is one of my favorite KJV’s. It has an 8-point font that’s bold and readable and the overall size makes it great for reading and carry. LCBP also produces several versions of it including a wide margin edition. Here are some photos that show how the two editions compare. The Cambridge is black goatskin and the LCBP is the Signature Series cow hide. Both are edge-lined and sewn around the outside edges. The print in the Cambridge edition is darker, but the LCBP looks sharper. The Cambridge paper is made to be thin, while the LCBP is...

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Clash Of The Titans! The Largest Print Wide Margin Bibles on the market

I love wide margin Bibles. I also love Local Church Bible Publishers. I also love world renowned Derek Jones’ video reviews. I’ve been curious about two of their wide margin editions. I have the 400, and I have the 180, but I’ve never seen the wide margin version of the 180: the 390. So what do I do? I asked Derek Jones to compare them! He was more than happy to oblige and he even through in the 230. Derek also runs a Facebook page called Bible Geeks of the World where he discusses Bibles. Thanks for the review...

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LCBP 180 vs BPS Hand Size KJV Bible Quick Comparison

Local Church Bible Publishers and Bearing Precious Seed are publishers that produce the KJV at cost. Both have similar build structure – calfskin and cowhide covers that are edge-lined. This is a quick look at two of the most popular Bibles from both publishers: the LCBP 180 and the BPS Hand Size. Both have 10-point fonts and are text only editions with a concordance. The LCBP 180 has a calfskin cover, includes maps, has thicker paper, and a darker print. The BPS Hand Size has a cowhide cover, a sharper font with better spacing between the letters and words,...

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Note-Takers, Concord, and Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin Bibles Compared

One of the most popular questions that I’ve gotten is to make comparisons between the LCBP Note-Takers, Cambridge Concord Wide Margin, and the RL Allan Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin KJVs. I decided to share my latest response including a few photos. The Bibles are: LCBP 2nd Edition Note-Takers in Ironed Calfskin, Cambridge Concord Wide Margin in French Morocco (with custom thumb-index), and the RL Allan Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin in Highland Goatskin. The updated Note-Takers is the most readable. It has an 11.5-point font with about a 12.5 leading. The font is sharp and clean, is bold, and has minimal show-through. The Concord...

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