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Cambridge Transetto KJV Bible – Review

The Cambridge Transetto is an ultra-portable KJV with a unique design. It’s meant to be the ultimate balance between portability and readability. I reviewed this Bible when it released in 2011 but my wife claimed it because it’s so portable. At this year’s ICRS the Cambridge crew was kind enough to give me another one. Now that I have it in my hands again I wanted to write a new review. What is a Transetto? In this Bible the book-block is turned 90 degrees. What would normally be the left and right are the top and bottom. Due to...

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Cambridge NIV Clarion in Goatskin and Calf Split – Review

The Clarion has become a staple design for Cambridge. It’s a paragraph edition with reading in mind, placing the focus on the text with a comfortable font size, without sacrificing references. It has a single-column format with references in the outer margins. This hand-size Bible is now available in the NIV. Features NIV 2011 text Goatskin cover Edge-lined Art-gilt edges 2 cardinal red ribbons ISBN: 9781107595149 Model: N1486:XE Calf Split cover Paste-down Gold gilt 2 black ribbons ISBN: 9781316601341 Model: NI484:X 8.75 black letter font Single-column paragraph Side-column references Concordance 16 pages of maps Map index 2186 pages Red...

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Cambridge’s Custom Manufacturing Program

Cambridge has an interesting program where they will custom manufacture Bibles for your organization. They can customize Bibles such as the Cameo, Concord, Clarion, Pitt Minion, and even wide margin Bibles. Customizations include: cover blocking (logo or name) cover material or color number and color of ribbons and head/tail bands presentation pages branded packaging extra material in the front or back For more information contact Valarie Guagnini @ (212) 337-6538 (800) 221-4512 e-mail: vguagnini at Here’s Valarie with more information:

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ICRS – The Cambridge Booth

Cambridge had a booth this time around, and just as I hoped, the NIV Clarion was prominently displayed (review coming soon). I saw it in both calfsplit and goatskin and both were amazing. I loved being able to hold Bibles that I haven’t seen in person. For example, the Concord Wide Margin in goatskin. This Bible isn’t as difficult to handle as I expected and now I kind of want one. A lot. They have several interesting programs including an NRSV in giant print that’s print-on-demand and their custom Bible program where they will build Bibles for your organization...

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