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Hebrew Greek Keyword Study Bible NKJV – Review

There are several different types of study Bibles. One type tries to do everything. These Bibles are either too large or they don’t do enough of any one thing. Another type focuses on one thing. The advantage in this is they can excel at that one thing. A disadvantage is they don’t have anything else. The NKJV Hebrew Greek Keyword Study Bible tries to find a balance between the two – focus on one thing and excelling at it while still giving you some great tools worthy of solid Bible study. In this review I take a look at...

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AMG Handy Size Giant Print KJV Bible Review

The handy size giant print format strikes a perfect balance for a Bible that’s easy to carry and read for those, like me, who prefer large typefaces with an overall size that’s still easy to manage. They don’t have a lot of space for extras, so they usually have either end-of-verse references or no references at all. I like this because the focus is on the text where it belongs. The text doesn’t have to share horizontal space with columns of tools that I only use every now and then. This makes for a much more readable text. The...

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NASB Hebrew-Greek Keyword Study Bible Genuine Leather

There are those Bibles that prove to be excellent resources; they are pocket friendly, have large print, excellent study notes, etc. Then there are Bibles that are in a class by themselves. In an earlier review, I stated that there are very few Bibles that deserve to sit on the same shelf as the Thompson Chain. Well, here it is: The AMG Hebrew-Greek Keyword Study Bible (any version) is one of two Bibles that deserve to sit next to the Thompson. Why, though?   Most Christians are not Hebrew or Greek Scholars and even though some have been to Bible College, they may not remember their lessons. That is where the Hebrew Greek Study Bible comes in to play. For the purposes of this review, I will be talking about the NASB Version in genuine leather. Disclaimer: The NASB is my preferred translation and the translation that I use on a daily basis. Additionally, this Bible was purchased at my own expense, as a replacement for a hardcover NIV Hebrew-Greek Keyword Study Bible, and this review is independent of AMG Publishers. Before we get into the review…   Why choose an NASB over other translations?   1. The New American Standard Bible translation team adhered to the literal philosophy of translation also known as Formal Equivalence. Formal Equivalence is the most exacting and demanding method of translation, as it...

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Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible ESV – Review

AMG’s Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible is a study Bible that is used for what it was intended – Bible study. Rather than giving commentary on specific verses, this Bible gives you the tools you need to do your own study of the original languages. This popular study Bible is now available in ESV. Pros Strong’s Hebrew and Greek dictionaries Contains tools to help readers learn Hebrew and Greek Cons No premium edition available Print quality varies Features 2011 ESV Wide margins Red letter Center-column references Double column, paragraph format Annotated Strong’s Hebrew and Greek dictionaries Grammatical codes...

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Coming Soon – Key Word Study Bible in ESV

Coming in September, 2013 from AMG Publishers is the Key Word Study Bible in ESV. It will be available in hardcover, genuine, and imitation leather. Here are the product details from Christianbook: Product Description A brand new edition of the best selling KeyWord Study Bible the English Standard Version (ESV) translation. There are times when a Greek or Hebrew word has a distinct meaning that seriously affects the proper interpretation of Scripture. Unless you are familiar with these languages, you will not be able to determine what word in the original text was used or the differences between these words-until now. The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible identifies the key words of the original languages and presents clear, precise explanations of their meaning and usage. Those who love God’s Word will treasure this Bible, for it contains a whole library of biblical helps within its covers. All the features and benefits of using the AMG Hebrew-Greek KeyWord Study Bible are available in this edition including: Bible book introductions Marking of key words and Strong’s numbers Footnotes Center-column cross-references Old and New Testament grammatical helps section Bible and word study dictionaries ESV Concordance 9.50″ x 7.50″ Product Information Format: Hardcover Number of Pages: 2300 Vendor: AMG Publishers Publication Date: 2013 Dimensions: 9 X 7 (inches) ISBN: 0899579132 ISBN-13: 9780899579139 Availability: This product will be released on 09/27/13...

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