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Coming Soon – Allan Oxford Clarendon Wide Margin KJV

Coming in the October/November 2011 time-frame is what looks to be one of the nicest wide-margin Bibles ever made- the Oxford Clarendon Wide Margin in KJV from R. L. Allan. It will be available in either Highland Goatskin or Italian Calfskin.     Some of the features include: Epistle Dedicatory and Allan Royal License Center column References Chapter summaries 3 Dark Blue Ribbon Markers (Highland Goatskin) or 2 Red Ribbon Markers (Italian Calfskin) Leather Lined Smyth sewn Full yapp, gilt line inside, red under gold page edges (Highland Goatskin) or semi yapp, red under gold page edges (Italian Calfskin) 10 point Bold Clarendon type Italicized for inserted text Same pagination as regular size Brevier Clarendon editions 8.5 x 7 inches (width = 1.5 inches) 1 inch margin 1536 pages 16 pages Oxford Bible maps 26 page for notes 48 pages of lined writing paper Writable India paper More information is available at Evangelical Bible, the official U.S distributor of R. L. Allan Bibles. You can see each Bible by clicking the links below: Allan Oxford Clarendon Wide Margin Black Highland Goatskin Allan Oxford Clarendon Wide Margin Black Italian Calfskin...

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Five Must-Own Bibles for Kindle

E-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, are great tools for Bible study. Here are five Bibles that would enhance your Bible reading and study on the Kindle. ESV from Crossway A free version of the ESV translation. This Bible has good navigation and a great price. ESV Study Bible from Crossway The ESV Study Bible has lots of notes on the Biblical canon, how to study, theology, etc. It’s a vast wealth of study for less than $10.   OSNOVA KJV Study Bible The OSNOVA Study Bible has about the best navigation of any Bible for Kindle. It’s designed for easy searching, is in paragraph format, and includes Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, How to Study the Bible for Greatest Profit, and Daily Bread. All for $4.99.   HCSB from Holman A free version of the Holman Christian Standard version.   NIV Archaeological Study Bible One of the best study Bibles ever made (IMHO). The Archaeological Study Bible is a filled with archaeological facts about places, people, cultures, and more....

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Greek Commentaries on Revelation

Greek Commentaries on Revelation by Oecumenius and Andrew of Caesarea is from InterVarsity Press’ Ancient Christian Texts series. Both commentaries come from the 6th century and provide opposing views on the book of Revelation. Oecumenius’ commentary is the earlier commentary, dating from the early 6th century, is the earliest full commentary in Greek. Oecumenius interprets Revelation spiritually and out of sequence. The basic structure of Oecumenius’s commentary comes from his interpretation of the seven seals. He interprets the opening of the seals as a revelation of the works of the Son of God- from his physical birth at the Incarnation to his second coming. He interprets the Millennium as the life of Christ. Oecumenius’ commentary has a strong emphasis on the Incarnation of the Word with the purpose of the book of Revelation being to reveal His Incarnation. Andrew of Caesarea’s commentary follows the traditionally accepted views on the book of Revelation. Andrew’s commentary became the standard in the Byzantine tradition and was followed by the Majority Text. Andrew doesn’t get into much theological depth. He doesn’t refer to Oecumenius by name, but Andrew does mention the views of Oecumenius in order to offering an opposing position. Andrew interprets Revelation as present and future events. Greek Commentaries on Revelation show’s interesting insights into the views of the sixth century. I was more interested in Andrew’s views because they follow...

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Coming Soon – KJV Transetto Edition from Cambridge

Coming in June is a Bible from Cambridge that has a very unique layout- it is printed in a format known as the ‘dwarsligger®’, or ‘flipback®’. Rather than the pages being turned left to fight, pages are flipped up and the pages are read in two columns that cover both pages. This style of printing has the advantage of being smaller and more compact than a Bible with the same size text in traditional printing. Features of the Transetto include: Sewn binding India paper Black letter text 7/8 point Karmina Sans type 1824 pages 3.1 x 4.6 inches Bible Buying Guide will feature an in-depth review in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can read more about the Transetto here: KJV Transetto US KJV Transetto UK...

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The Story of the Bible by Larry Stone

The Story of the Bible by Larry Stone covers the history of the Bible in writing, translation, and its effect on civilization throughout the ages. Stone explores the history of the Bible from hand-written copies to modern day printings, and discusses the Scriptures from their original languages, to manuscripts, to the many English translations available both today and in the past. This book is not just a book; it is a museum in a book. It includes over 90 illustrations and 23 removable life-size reproductions from the world’s most important Bibles. These reproductions are inserted into pockets throughout the book. Timelines chart and show what took place when, giving the reader a firm grasp on the history of the Word of God. This is a fun book to read and thumb through. The images and reproductions help the reader grasp and appreciate the dangerous business of Bible translation and publishing. I especially enjoyed the sections on the Sumarian city of UR, Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the first Bibles translated and printed into English. Stone explains why each scroll, manuscript, translation, and printing was important, and how they affected the people of the time. I highly recommend The Story of the Bible by Larry Stone. It is a fun and fascinating look at the story of the Bible.   Thomas Nelson Publishers provided the review copy for...

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