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Red-Letter vs Black-Letter

I own and use both red-letter and black-letter editions of the Bible. I don’t really have a favorite between the two for several reasons. I use one for reading and another for serious study. Also, red-letter is usually not done to my liking. There are different versions of red-letter printing. For example, Cambridge prints the words of Christ on Earth in red, while other publishers print all the words of Christ in red- including from Acts to Revelation. I prefer all of the words of Christ in red, not just while Jesus was on Earth. One problem with this is that there is some controversy with a few verses (particularly in Revelation). I’ve only seen one Bible that has the words of God in the OT in red (maybe it was blue). That would be nice too. There are many shades of red that publishers use. Kirkbride’s red-letter is closer to the pink range. Other publishers use a faint print that is hard to see. Still others use a shade that looks more brown than red. My hat goes to Cambridge. Red-letter text in Cambridge editions are a bold red.  Cambridge has by far my favorite shade of red. LCBPs red-letter edition looks to be on par with Cambridge (from the pictures I’ve seen). Another problem is consistency. This goes for both black and red-letter. Some Bibles have dark...

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The Family Illustrated Bible

The Family Illustrated Bible from New Leaf Press was previously published as The Children’s Bible. I can see why they called this one The Family Illustrated Bible – it is not geared just toward children. There is something great here for every family member. It not so much a Bible as it is a Bible Dictionary. It is filled with Bible stories with illustrations that are perfect for children. The stories include Scripture references. It also has many pictures of archaeological finds. There is information on people with details about their cultures and land. There is information about many Biblical events with time-lines and dates. Events, people, cultures, places, and stories are supported with well-drawn illustrations and full-color images. The Family Illustrated Bible is hardcover. It has thick glossy paper and is full color throughout.  It is 11.1 x 8.8 x 1.2. The Family Illustrated Bible doesn’t really target a single age-group. Instead, it attempts to provide a little something for everyone. It’s not just for children and it’s not just for adults. It has stories that children will enjoy and archaeological content that adults will appreciate. The information on people and cultures will help keep the stories in context. I’d say it hits its purpose really well- it’s for families. I recommend the Family Illustrated Bible for devotions and general information.     New Leaf Press provided this...

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RL Allan Oxford Wide Margin KJV Now in Stock at Bibles Direct

The ultra-fine wide-margin Bible from R.L. Allan is now in stock at Bibles Direct in the UK. They look to be among the best wide-margins in print.     Some of the features include: Epistle Dedicatory and Allan Royal License Center column References Chapter summaries 3 Dark Blue Ribbon Markers (Highland Goatskin) or 2 Red Ribbon Markers (Italian Calfskin) Leather Lined Smyth sewn Full yapp, gilt line inside, red under gold page edges (Highland Goatskin) or semi yapp, red under gold page edges (Italian Calfskin) 10 point Bold Clarendon type Italicized for inserted text Same pagination as regular size Brevier Clarendon editions 8.5 x 7 inches (width = 1.5 inches) 1 inch margin 1536 pages 16 pages Oxford Bible maps 26 page for notes 48 pages of lined writing paper Writable India paper If the Longprimer is any indication, the Oxford wide-margin from RL Allan will be have outstanding quality and will be a Bible to keep as a life-long companion. You can order your copy here: Oxford Reference > Allan Wide Margin Edition  ...

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Writing in an Expensive Bible

Many of us don’t feel comfortable writing in our Bibles. The more expensive the Bible the harder it is to take a pen to it and start writing. Many times I write something barely legible and try to fix it only to make it worse. I used to struggle to come up with something to write, and when I did finally write something it was almost irrelevant.  Sometimes I would write an observation that was so obvious that the note didn’t help me. Here are a few tips that may help you if you want to write in your...

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Archaeological Study Bible

The Archaeological Study Bible from Zondervan is one of the finest study Bibles available. It is free from Theological influence and gives insights on the culture of Biblical times. It also contains many archaeological facts that help defend the Bible as the Word of God. The Archaeological Study Bible is a must-have volume for your Bible study library. It is available in KJV and NIV.   NIV Archaeological Study Bible Renaissance Fine Leather, Venetian Brown 1984An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture, The NIV Archaeological Study Bible sheds new light on the Bible. From the beginnings of Genesis to the end of Revelation, this new study Bible is filled with informative articles and full-color photographs of places and objects that will open your eyes to the historical context of the stories you read and the people you meet in Scripture. From kings and empires to weapons of war to clay pots used for carrying water, the archaeological record surrounding God’s Word will help contextualize and inform your personal study.Features: 4-color interior throughout Bottom of page study notes highlight and add further explanation to passages that speak onarchaeological or cultural facts included in the Scripture Articles (520) covering one of the following five categories: Archaeological Sites (Hazor, Ugarit, Arad, Ephesus) Cultural and Historical Notes (ancient seals and scarabs, perfume and anointing, the missionary journeys of Paul) Ancient Peoples and...

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