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NASB Side Column Wide Margin Reference Bible

Your Bible; it says a lot about you. Notes in the margins tell the story of how God has spoken to you over the years. Highlights and underlines point out words and verses that speak to you the most. Maybe the pages are dog eared and the cover is coming apart at the spine. Spurgeon said that a Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t. But what has that got to do with a review of a Bible? Everything… Most people have only one Bible that they use on a daily basis. It is an uncommon event for them to purchase a new one. The entire purpose of this site is to help you, the reader beloved by the Father, choose your new Bible. I would like to share with you why I think the NASB Side Column Reference Wide Margin Bible should be your next Bible. First, translation choice. There is perhaps no choice more important that which English translation that you use. New American Standard Bible is absolutely uncontested as the most literal translation that you can invest your resources in. It is endorsed by and often times used by some of the most well known ministers today, including but not limited to Drs. Stanley, MacArthur, Sproul, Swindoll, Lawson and many others and it is always my first choice. You can read most...

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NASB Hebrew-Greek Keyword Study Bible Genuine Leather

There are those Bibles that prove to be excellent resources; they are pocket friendly, have large print, excellent study notes, etc. Then there are Bibles that are in a class by themselves. In an earlier review, I stated that there are very few Bibles that deserve to sit on the same shelf as the Thompson Chain. Well, here it is: The AMG Hebrew-Greek Keyword Study Bible (any version) is one of two Bibles that deserve to sit next to the Thompson. Why, though?   Most Christians are not Hebrew or Greek Scholars and even though some have been to Bible College, they may not remember their lessons. That is where the Hebrew Greek Study Bible comes in to play. For the purposes of this review, I will be talking about the NASB Version in genuine leather. Disclaimer: The NASB is my preferred translation and the translation that I use on a daily basis. Additionally, this Bible was purchased at my own expense, as a replacement for a hardcover NIV Hebrew-Greek Keyword Study Bible, and this review is independent of AMG Publishers. Before we get into the review…   Why choose an NASB over other translations?   1. The New American Standard Bible translation team adhered to the literal philosophy of translation also known as Formal Equivalence. Formal Equivalence is the most exacting and demanding method of translation, as it...

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Thompson Chain Reference Bible, NASB Edition (Brief Review)

What happens when you have been setting the standard for excellence in Bible Study for over 100 years and you add in the most literal English Translation of the Bible? Well, you get the Thompson Chain Reference Bible in the NASB (1977) Edition. Few Bibles, if any, deserve to sit on the same shelf as the Thompson Chain because so few have what it takes to open the Scriptures up for us. What makes the Thompson so outstanding? “A Thompson® is the only true “Influence-Free” Study Bible. This is the one very important difference between a Thompson® and most other study Bibles. Most study Bibles fill their margins with another person’s commentary. These are notes from a knowledgeable author who tries to explain the text to you. Commentaries can be useful, but every author has his or her own view and biased agenda. Commentaries offer wide and often opposing influence. Your Thompson® Bible is “influence-free,” because instead of commentary, our margins are filled with thousands of chain-references® that propel you ahead into Scripture. Scholars agree that the Bible is its own best commentary, and no other study Bible helps you go deeper into the Scriptures than aThompson® Chain-Reference® Study Bible.” 1. Every Thompson Chain Bible has over 8,000 completed chain topics. These topics take every important verse of scripture and codify it into topics that can be traced from Genesis to Revelation. Operating under the principle that Scripture...

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NASB Skinii Bible from Zondervan – Review

Zondervan’s Skinii series of Bibles are hand-sized thin-lines with nice paper and print, and hardcover with elastic closer. It is made with carry and use in mind. The edition I’m reviewing is NASB. Pros Acid free paper Sewn binding Cons Cover feels like it may be prone to scuffs Features NASB Duo-Tone hard cover Elastic strap Pouch inside back cover Red-letter 8-point font Footnotes Paragraph format Section headings One ribbon 48 page Concordance Helps 8 x 5.5 x 1 ISBN: 9780310423669 SRP $27.99 Buy from Amazon: Zondervan NASB Skinii Bible Cover and Binding The cover is black duo-tone. It...

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