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Quick Look – MEV The Promises of God Creative Journaling Bible

I got a review copy of Passio’s The Promises of God Creative Journaling Bible just a couple of days ago. This is the only Modern English Version (MEV) journaling Bible I am aware of and it has a mixture of illustrations, and lined and unlined journaling space.   The paper is a very light cream and it is set up in a double column format with a 2.5″ margin on the outside. Margins on the right side are lined and those on the left are unlined (the faint lines you see here are show-through from the back of the...

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Passio’s Personal Size Large Print MEV Bible – Review

The large print personal size Bible is a staple in the Bible publishing industry. In my opinion every publisher and translation needs a Bible in this format. The format lends itself well for carry, reading, and preaching, without bogging the Biblical text down with lots of features that readers can get elsewhere. The focus is often on the text. This is a format that I very much appreciate. Passio produces the Modern English Version (MEV) in this very format. In this review I’m taking a look at Passio’s Personal Size Large Print MEV Bible, ISBN: 9781629980676. Binding This edition...

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Passio MEV Thinline Reference Bible – Review

Every translation needs a thinline reference edition. In this review I will take a look at the Modern English Version Thinlne Reference Bible from Passio. I will save the critique of the MEV itself for another post, but I’ll touch on a few points that I think makes this a nice carry and reading Bible. The Feel – Size and Build This is a hand-sized Bible at 8.5 x 5.75 x .875. It has an imitation leather cover with a nice design and texture molded into it. It doesn’t feel like leather, but it doesn’t feel cheap either. It...

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Coming Soon – Modern English Version

   In 2014 Charisma House will release an update to the King James Version called the Modern English Version (MEV). It will be the most modern update to the KJV. It will retain the literal translation and capitalize references for God. The goal of the MEV is to provide a translation that is suitable for both reading and study. You can read more at Charisma News: Charisma House Announces ‘Most Modern Version’ of KJV...

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