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Thompson Chain Reference Bible Handy Size KJV Bible Review

The KJV Thompson Chain Reference is one of the oldest study Bibles available and comes in three different sizes (handy, regular, and large print). Although all three have the same tools each one has an advantage over the others. As you could guess, the advantage of the handy size is it’s easy of handling and carry. Smaller size of course means smaller fonts. Does that make the handy size Thompson difficult to use? I was surprised by the answer. Binding This edition is black bonded leather with a vinyl paste-down liner. It doesn’t droop at all but also doesn’t...

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Kirkbride NKJV Thompson Chain Reference Bible Review

The Thompson Chain Reference Bible is one of the oldest study Bibles on the market. The first edition, and KJV, was printed in 1908. It’s considered a complete Bible reference library in one volume, but what’s interesting is it does this without having any commentary. Instead it has lists of topics and chain references throughout the Bible. With over 8000 topics and 100,000 chain references it’s easy to see why it’s been around for so long. It’s available in several popular translations and each one has a few tweaks of their own. In this review I take a look...

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Sword Study Bible KJVER – Review

When the Bible Buying Guide crew (all four of us) recently attended the International Christian Retail Show in Orland, we got the meet the folks at Whitaker House – the publishers of the KJVER Sword Study Bible (my wife attended their press conference while I attended a meeting that I had previously scheduled. Fortunately I got to meet them earlier). Their passion for this Bible was amazing. Whitaker House recognizes the need to make the KJV more accessible to those that have trouble reading it and they’ve made it their mission to fill that need. I’ve always thought the...

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KJV Subject Bible – Review

The KJV Subject Bible from Dr. Everette Gaddy and Power Publishing is a take on the Analytical Bible that was produced by Wilmore in the early 1900’s (if not earlier) and later in a smaller and more normal ‘study Bible’ size by Dugan and Jubilee in the 1980’s-90’s. It has gone through many iterations over the years. One of these iterations was published by Campus Crusade in the 1970’s. I was recently informed by a Facebook friend that he was sending me this Bible. Out of the blue… just like that. Out of the kindness of his heart and...

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Creating a Topical Chain Reference in Laridian’s PocketBible for Android

 I’ve been a PocketBible user for many years. I’ve gone through four different OS’s not counting the desktop edition. One of the ways I use it the most is making topical chains. I’ve written an article for Laridian’s blog on this very topic. You can read the article here:   How to Create Your Own Topical Chain Reference in PocketBible   Do you use PocketBible? If so, have you created your own topical chain...

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